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How to Sell Your Own House Without Retailer


People sell their houses themselves to avoid the commission of the real estate as in most markets; the commission can be up to 6% of the sale price. It means that if the house is worth $400,000, you will pay about $24,000 as a commission. It might not seem much when buying a house of $400,000 worth but remember that these $24,000 go out of your home equity.

Selling a house without a retailer can be a problem if you don’t know what you are doing and how you can get the money you deserve for your home. It isn’t easy to sell your house yourself, but many people do it every month, and you can also do it easily by following a few steps and strategies. You can also search the techniques of selling houses by homeowners online if you want to sell your own house in Texas.

Steps to Sell Your Own House:

Following are the steps that you can follow to sell your house yourself.

Market Value of Your House:

The first step in selling the house by yourself is determining the market value of your house. Determining the market value allows you to know the actual worth of your property, so you sell the property without loss. Moreover, if you have asked for a high price for your house, you might sit for days and months without selling the property.

Prepare the Property:

The second step is to prepare the property for sale. You can adopt a trick of slowly walking in the house and looking at it with the eyes of a buyer. Ask yourself what your remarks and first impression of the house will be if you were buying it.

Look at the house with a critic because the buyer will also look at the house and notice all the flaws as after buying, it will become his problem. If you see any flaws in the property and want a reasonable price for your house, maintain the property and renovate it before putting it up for sale as the house with a good appearance will allow you to get a good amount on selling.


The third step is marketing the house, and you can do it online and put the selling signboard in the yard. The signboard is a bit old technique, and you might have to wait long to sell the house, while on the other hand, if you want to sell your own house in Texas, you can list it on the selling property website online.

It will help you sell the property at a reasonable price without waiting because thousands of people turn their ways toward buying property online due to the busy life.

After three main steps, you can negotiate the sale with the customer and finalize the closing. Following these steps will allow you to have a step-by-step implementation of all the necessary things that are important in property selling.