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How to Start a Food Business in the UAE?


It is a truth that the UAE is a trade and talent destination. In several sectors the country is endowed in human resources and many expats have selected it as a definite workplace. Expats currently make up 88% of the UAE population. When various cultures co-exist, food plays a vital role in bonds. The main cause for the rise of UAE restaurants and tourism was cultural variety. 

Food Business in Dubai 

Dubai is one of the most rapidly expanding Middle East economies. The prospects in the UAE market are sought by investors from throughout the world. In Dubai, a cafeteria Business setup UAE is developing enormously. A variety of clients from all over the world have seen Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The government also offers significant assistance and lucrative incentives to start a business in Dubai. 

Food Code in UAE 

All restaurants in Dubai and the UAE are guided by a food code. A food code allows the owner of a restaurant to be informed of the Food Safety Regulation drawn out by the United Arab Emirates food control department. Compliance with the essential standards for initiating and licencing a food company. The UAE Food Code and the Food legislation rules applied in restaurants, bars, bakeries, canteens and food stores that contain food or that are related to serving food hence need clean foods and a clean atmosphere.

How to Get a Food License in the UAE? 

A food and commercial licence must be granted for the first stage in operating a cafeteria in Dubai. The Food and Safety Department can get the Food License and the Commerce License can be obtained from Dubai’s Ministère du Tourisme et du Commerce. A licence 

is a vital step in Dubai. Let us learn how to get a cafeteria permit in Dubai. Let us comprehend. 

  • Get the appropriate authorities to obtain a trade licence and food licence. 
  • Select a local sponsor Obtain the required permissions from the building plan in accordance with the food and safety standards 
  • Choose an appropriate cafeteria spot 
  • Sign your partner’s agreement 
  • Send the DED papers necessary ( Department of Economic Development) 
  • No Objection Certificate application Application (NOC) 
  • The Economic Development Department will provide you a commercial licence.
  • Room to prepare and store foodstuffs 
  • Hygienic rooms 
  • Ventilation system and windows 
  • The placement of the food processing equipment 
  • Location of laundry equipment 
  • Passage entrance and exit 
  • The clearance by the Economic Development Department 
  • The location The layout 
  • Planning department approval 
  • The location of the café in Dubai has to be suitable and should give the space needed to maintain the equipment and prepare the cuisine. 
  • Required room for dirt removal and smoke emission 
  • You have to separate the toilet from the kitchen 
  • Walls, floors and towers should be often cleaned and fire-resistant 
  • For cleaning utensils, for vegetables and for meat a separate basin should be provided.

Food Business Setup Cost 

In order to establish a restaurant company in Dubai, it is necessary to plan, create, and implement government processes. The costs associated with opening a cafeteria in Dubai may vary based on the location, business space, number of staff and other variables. Besides the business planning and the creation of menus and pricing points, the cost of government processes is also necessary to be considered. 


To plan to start a restaurant company in Dubai and to operate successfully, meticulous planning, testing, brand registration UAE and law enforcement are necessary, since eating habits are an essential element of the country.