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How to test and maintain a sump pump

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In general, testing a sump pump periodically is a good idea. It helps you to maintain the pump for a longer duration and know about its functionality. Occasionally, get professional maintenance for the pump once a year. Good maintenance can boost the utility and effectiveness of the pump. You can maintain your sump pump by following the below-mentioned steps:

● Check whether the power supply is working or not. No damage should be caused to the switches, cords, or any other part of the device.
● For activating the pump, always fill the pump with water to attain a certain level at which the sump pump can start working. If it doesn’t work, then get in contact with a professional technician.
● Make sure that the switches are properly working. There are both automatic and manual switches available in the market.
● Clean out the debris, trash, etc, from the sump pit.

The average cost of repairing a sump pump

Experts say the repairing of a sump pump would cost around $450 to $550. Repairing costs may depend upon a few factors such as the age of the pump, damaged parts, motor or electrical problems, etc. And mostly it would cost $400 to $530 to repair a sump pump, but in the case of a submersible sump pump, it cost even higher.

If the sump pump has a pumping error, clogged drainage, or electrical problem, then the cost of repairing could be higher. Most of the homeowners have motor or electrical problems. If you live in an area where annual rainfall is very high, then having a backup pump beside your primary pump takes off a lot of stress. Having a battery backup is one of the ideal decisions and doesn’t cause much repairing or maintenance.

A submersible pump has an average life span of seven to eight years, whereas a pedestal sump pump can last for ten to twelve years or even longer. The repairing cost decreases if you keep doing maintenance periodically. The motor, switch, cord, and the electric line must be examined every 2-3 weeks. Also, for repairing a submersible pump, get in touch with an experienced plumber or technician. A good plumber has years of knowledge and will evaluate each of the sump pump parts separately and give an average estimated cost for repairing. You can check out the sump pump zone site for details and information on the sump pump.