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How to treat your roof after the storm damage?


The roofs act as a shield to your home. It protects you from calamities like heavy rainfall, high wind, extreme sunlight, low degree temperature, and storms, but what if the shield gets broken? This is when you need to get in touch with a roof restoration company.  You can take proper action to undertake storm damage repair. The important thing about storm damage restoration or repair is to associate with a company that has been in the business for a while so that they can guarantee quality services. But it might take a while for you to find someone you can trust, so until then you can follow these tips to ensure that the situation does not get worse.

Assess the damage

Assess and analyze the damage that the storm caused to your roof. It could be major or minor. Major roof damage might cost you a lot of money. The appropriate damage analyses can help you estimate and discuss the needs of the insurance company to avoid unforeseen circumstances, costs, and discrepancies.

While minor damage like a hole on a roof, or dirt spread on the roof can be fixed quickly without costing a lot of money. The damages could be minor, still, it would require the right assessment and repairing to avoid facing long-term problems.

Take a decision only after assessing the problem correctly, and determining whether investing a huge amount in it would be worth it or not. Also, if the problem can be solved by you or it needs professional skills.

Make temporary repairs/fixes

Major damages will require filled pockets and professional guidance, but you can fix minor damages easily on your own. Minor damages include holes on the roof that bring in sunlight, water droplets, dust particles, and cause germs and bacteria, which attract insects.

Until you find a proper fix for it. You can cover the hole with an unused cloth, unused wooden plank, or any other thing that prevents the sunlight and raindrops from entering. If this technique fails in preventing the raindrops from entering, then place a bucket under the hole so that the water doesn’t drip on the floor and keep it dry.

Similarly, you can clean the mess spread on the roof which includes dust particles, and leaves fall from the tree. Clear this mess and with a broom or any other cleaning object.

Apply roofing tar and roofing cement

You can add tar or cement for a minor fix and a temporary period of time.

If your roof is entirely made of shingles and damaged by the storm then use tar to cover the damaged area. This will make the surroundings water-resistant and present any form of leakage.

Also, you can use roofing cement for the same, if there are holes and gaps on your roof. Apply the roofing cement liquid, and let it dry under the heat, it will cover the holes and not allow the dust particles and water to enter.

The cement fix won’t last more than a month, so you need to get your roof permanently fixed in the time-span of 30 days.

Contact insurance company

These fixes will only serve you for a while, and to fix them permanently you should contact your insurance company. The insurance claim is beneficial at the time of natural collapses as it covers all the necessary expenses. It can also minimize the harm and protect the roof for a longer period of time.

Contact a reliable roofing contractor

Hire a professional certified and experienced roofing contractor in Richmond, VA who has previous experience in fixing storm damage. Do not go for a person who is new to storm damage repair, because it is risky.

Thus, these are the steps you should keep in mind after a natural collapse of your roof. If you deal with it systematically, it won’t harm you ever again.