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How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Company file not found issue?


QuickBooks keeps bringing new versions of its software every year, making it more user-friendly and resilient. Besides being advance, it is not free of errors, and that might leave you struggling. You may get the QuickBooks Company File not found issue when you try to access your Company file. This article contains a detailed discussion on why the issue may occur and the methods that can help troubleshoot it.

Why do you get the Company Files not found error message?

You can get several types of error messages suggesting your company file could not be found. It might occur as a warning asking if you have moved the file as company file not found. It might also show that the selected company file could not be found. The reasons that can cause the issue are as follows:

  • If the path to the file has been changed, the QuickBooks company file not found error can occur.
  • The file deleted accidentally from the local storage or moved to a different location can also cause the error.
  • Network issues in the multi-user mode can also cause the file not found an error.
  • If you don’t opt for the right way of opening the file, the issue can occur.

How can you fix the QuickBooks Company file is missing error?

You can get the QuickBooks Company file is a missing error due to various reasons and in single and multi-user mode. The troubleshooting will depend on these factors. As you now understand the reasons, let us move on to the methods of troubleshooting the error:

Method 1: Verifying the connectivity in multi-user mode

  • Open the ‘Run’ command, type “cmd,” and hit the ‘Enter key.
  • Type in “ipconfig/all” and hit the ‘Enter’ key again.
  • Enter “ping[Server name]” and press ‘Enter’ to ping the server from the workstation.
  • Smooth transaction of the package suggests resolution, and if there occurs a packet loss, you should use the File Doctor tool.

If the above verification was successful, you should follow the next Method 3. You can perform the steps as per the need on the local computer or server computer. However, If the verification gets failed then you can go with Method 2 where you will learn step-by-step to Network diagnostic Tool through the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Method 2: Diagnose QuickBooks using QB network diagnostic Tool

  • Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub & Install the QuickBooksToolHub.exe setup.
  • Now, Open the Tool Hub, in the Home Tab of the tool hub, Select the Company file issues tab.
  • Go to the Network issue Tab.
  • In the network issue tab, You can diagnose the whole network.
  • In the End, Go back and open the Qb to check whether the error fixes or continues and if it’s still there then jump to method 3.

Method 3: Locating the correct file

You may also get the QuickBooks Company to file not found error if you could not select the right file. Here is a guide to fix the error if that’s the case.

  • Go to the “Start menu” and find the file with the correct extension
    • *.qbw for the Company file.
    • *.qba for Accountants Copy file.
    • *.qby for Accountants Change file.
    • *.qbb for Backup File.
  • Right-click on the desired file and select ‘Open File Location.’
  • Now, open the file from the location copied earlier.

Method 4: Repair the damaged QB Company File

Inadequate manner using QuickBooks for a long run sometimes may cause the issue where your company file needs to be repaired and below you will find the appropriate direction to repair the QuickBooks company file.

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • In the Company file issue Tab, There Select the QuickBooks File Doctor, and starts to repair the File.
  • Once the repairing process will ends, You can check the does the company file is getting fetched by QuickBooks or Not.


Through this blog, we discussed the troubleshooting techniques for the QuickBooks Company file not found issue. We also discussed the reasons that cause the error and other related aspects of it. You should be able to resolve the issue using the method stated above. If an issue occurs and you need assistance, contact our toll-free helpline for assistance.