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How To Troubleshoot The Common Washing Machine Problems? | Diala Technicians


Does the washing machine need repair services? The washing machine is a basic household item. We use it daily. It’s very common to face serious repair issues. Perhaps, the washer is not running or spinning, there is a leakage in the pipe, the washer is shaking, or you can hear a weird noise. You might not handle all issues on your own; you need experts who can detect all issues in no time.

You will find step-by-step instructions to fix all issues with a washing machine. Diala Technicians provides professional washing machine repair services to fix all problems under the surveillance of expert technicians.

What ifthe washing machine is not running properly?

If the washer is not working properly or making weird noise during every cycle, you need to troubleshoot the issue. First, unplug the machine and identify the issue.

  • Check the power cord to determine the continuous flow of electricity.
  • Check the circuit breaker if the receptacle seems to be dead.
  • Check the lid switch. Perhaps, you have turned it off or it is broken. Replace a broken switch.


What if the washing machine is not rinsing the clothes?

If you can see residue remains on the cloth or unnecessary water absorbed in cloths, there must be several causes of it.

  • Check the water supply valve to ensure either all valves are open or not.
  • Check the supply hose to determine either it is clogged or not.
  • Check the drain hose to ensure that it completely empties the machine after every cycle.
  • Check whether cold water supply hose is not disconnected from the machine.


What if the washing machine is facing leakages?

The leakages in the washing machine cause potential flood damage. It is advised to install no-burst stainless steel mesh hoses and lever-type shutoff valves to prevent leakage.

  • Check all seals and bearings to determine leakages. Hire a technician for washing machine repair servicesto replace the faulty basket gasket.
  • Check whether the machine is foaming out greatly. Use a low-sudsing detergent to overcome this issue.
  • Check all hoses and drain fittings to find all leakages.


What if the washing machine is facing filling issues?

The water entering the washer generates high pressure. It causes filling problems and drains out water. The defective water-level switch or water inlet valve is the leading cause of filling issues.

Check water-level switch, timer, and temperature before starting the cycles.


What if the washing machine is shaking or vibrating?

It is one of the most common issues faced by homeowners. Make sure that the machine has an optimal sitting balance as out-of-balance wash loads lead to the formation of vibrations in the machine.

  • Check the leveling feet under the washer. Make sure that all feet are placed firmly on the ground.
  • Check rubber caps on the front legs. You can also buy these parts from a local store and install them.
  • Tilt the washing machine and self-adjust the back feet to maintain its level.


Follow regular washing machine repair services to ensure its durability.