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How to Understand Numbers and Differentiate Them?


Mathematics is that particular subject which the people will be utilising a lot in their day-to-day life and it is very much impossible for the people to remove mathematics from their life. Everybody might have observed that utilisation of mathematics in the everyday part of life is very much important and almost half of the world desires to become rich as well as have a luxurious life. One can only become rich in the normal world if one has a good command over the world of mathematics and further being clear about the importance of mathematics is very much important because it is directly linked with several kinds of activities like earning a profit, setting up operate from home, purchasing any kind of electronics and several other kinds of things. So, being clear about the concept of composite number is very much important for the kids so that they can make real-life decisions very easily.

Understanding mathematics in school is the best possible way of ensuring that kids will be able to make good decisions at the later stages of life and further being clear about different kinds of operations like subtraction, addition, multiplication and division is another very important thing to be undertaken by the people. If the kids are clear about such operations, they can move to the other part of advanced level mathematics, which is linear equations and the world of algebra. No matter in which field people go in terms of their career mathematics will always become the most important component of life and this will further make sure that people will be able to make the right kind of decisions in terms of their higher studies as well.

Following are the basic concepts about the composite numbers

  • Studying several types of numbers is very interesting especially if the two types of numbers have a huge difference between them.
  • Children can study these two types of numbers by making colourful charts and tables. In the chart, they can write numbers from 1 to 100, and then they can give two different colours to both the numbers.
  • In the table, children can separate the table into two parts; each side will have these two sets of numbers. Children can present them with different colours of dots.
  • These things will attract kids to study mathematics and as you know colours attract kids hence this method will work amazingly in the case of children learning these sets of numbers.
  • The main difference between these sets of numbers is all other numbers that aren’t prime are termed composite.
  • You must have studied that all the numbers except prime are termed composites. The fact about these two sets of numbers is they have two and more than two factors respectively.
  • So now you must have got an idea about these numbers. Six, eight, nine, and any more are called composite numbers. As you can observe nine have the following factors that are one, three, and nine themselves.
  • You must have heard composites, no need to worry as the starting composite numbers from digit four are known as composites.
  • You should remember two important facts about these two sets of numbers. First is two are the smallest and even numbers among all prime numbers. Sometimes people get confused with two and treat it as a composite.
  • A second important fact is that one is not the prime, it is the smallest composite.

Understanding the concept of composite numbers is very much important because of their prime importance in the life of people and apart from this be clear about prime numbers is another very important thing so that people can understand mathematics practically and can have a successful life. Further, depending upon platforms like Cuemath is a wonderful idea on the behalf of people so that kids are very much familiar with the properties of different kinds of shapes along with real-life examples which will further allow them to deal with this complicated subject very easily. Teaching mathematics concept wise is the basic motive of this particular company and further makes sure that kids will be able to enjoy a lot in terms of studying mathematics.