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How To Update Firmware on Plantronics Wireless Headsets?

How To Update Firmware on Plantronics Wireless Headsets-findheadsets

You can update firmware by making use of Plantronics Hub and mobile apps. Both of these methods are quite simpler and are based on few steps. You can start the process by downloading the corresponding app on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can download Plantronics Hub software on your Window or Mac computer. This process is liable to add new features to your headphone. Moreover, this process is also quite helpful to increase the security on the same unit to avoid hackers making unauthorized usage of your headphone.

Let’s discuss the methods and importance of firmware update on Plantronics cordless headphones:

1) Update Firmware With The Mobile Application:

This method can be used to update firmware on Plantronics Bluetooth headsets by downloading the corresponding app to your mobile phone. You can simply access the settings menu and tap the firmware update option. Your headphone needs to be in range and connected for the completion of the download process.

Update Firmware With The Mobile Application-findheadsetsMoreover, your headphone battery must be at least 50 % for downloading the corresponding app. There are different Plantronics mobile applications used for this purpose. Some of them are Plantronics HUB for iOS or Android and BackBeat FIT Companion. Some other applications are BackBeat and BackBeat GO3 Companion.

2) Update Firmware Through Plantronics Hub:

First of all, download Plantronics HUB software on your Mac or Windows computer. Connect the headphone through the included USB cable and click on the notifications tab. Thus, you will be notified if there are updates available for your earphone.

Update Firmware Through Plantronics Hub-findheadsetsMoreover, you can also click on the check for updates option. Click on your OS to download the software after opening the corresponding link. After downloading the setup on your computer, you are required to run the setup. After that, agree to the terms and conditions, and a Plantronics Hub icon is created on your desktop. Connect your headphone to your computer by using the USB or charging cable provided with the headset.

Open the software, and you will find an update for the respective earphone on Hub. The software will automatically detect your Bluetooth device once connected. If not connected, then restart your PC or Mac and try again. Start updating by using the update button and use a USB port on your desktop or laptop.

3) Importance of Updated Firmware:

Different issues with Plantronics headphones can be resolved by updating the firmware. If you are not able to tune the volume of your headset directly, start the update process for solving this problem. Moreover, you can also overcome mute synchronization problems when connected to two devices in this manner. Improved features can be introduced through the latest versions for the sake of the user’s satisfaction.

Importance of Updated Firmware-findheadsetsAfter getting the benefit of the latest firmware version when using it with the Microsoft Teams desktop application, press the call button for almost two seconds. The Microsoft Teams client will be brought to the foreground and will not activate Siri. Siri can be activated if Microsoft Teams is not being used. Microsoft Teams certification can be attained by pressing the headphone button.

The problem of displaying incorrect talk time remaining can also be resolved in this way. You can enjoy an improved answer or ignore the experience by enabling Voice Recognition through the latest version. The latest version also allows you to improve play and pause button functionality on desktop media players. Japanese voice prompts for battery status can also be used in such a manner.

Some latest versions also add the ability to configure voice prompts when answering the call. New voice prompts can also be added for battery status. You can also enjoy improved Hub application integration when connected to two Bluetooth devices. Thus, earphone application reconnection reliability can be achieved in such an appropriate way.

4) Increased Security Through Updated Firmware:

Firmware is a set of navigations programmed on a hardware device. It is essential to have the latest one on your wireless headset for getting the best performance on your gadget. The updated firmware is responsible for having the latest softphone software patches.

Increased Security Through Updated Firmware-findheadsetsIf you update firmware on Plantronics headsets, the enhanced security can be relished. Thus, you can avoid hackers making unauthorized use of headphones. Users pay full attention to their security, and hence, they get the advantage of available updates to avoid all kinds of inconveniences faced in terms of their headset functionality.

Improved PC call audio and enhanced privacy when in multi-point can be made possible through the latest versions. Thus, users can relish a more effective and secured calling experience without any discomfort. Thus, an effective way of battery level reporting can be introduced with the latest version.

Final Words:

All the above-mentioned ways are quite helpful for allowing you to update firmware on Plantronics wireless headsets without any inconvenience. The update process can be completed through Plantronics Hub or mobile applications. These methods are based on several simple steps for enabling you to configure certain options for your headphones.

The preferred language for voice prompts and commands can be easily configured in this manner. You can simply use the update button on Hub to complete the process. Numerous high-performance gadgets with incredible features are available at FindHeadsets.