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How To Update WordPress? – An Ultimate Guide


WordPress is the most popular content management system with lots of features and advanced elements. These things are useful in taking care of numerous elements and keep running a website smoothly. By accessing WordPress development Melbourne services, you can build an impressive website without any kind of issue. With all these things, you need to be focused on the updates. Updates are useful in keeping the website upgraded and access all types of features quickly.

Everyone does not have enough knowledge by which they can proceed to update and get desired results. Here, they need to check out lots of things. For such a task, the users are required to follow a specific process. Before such a process, you need to take some specific measures. It will be helpful in avoiding loss of data and some other factors. Upcoming paragraphs will assist you in gathering complete information.

Process For Updating WordPress Website

Step 1: Create Website’s Backup

For keeping the website’s data and progress safe, you should go for the option of creating a backup. By creating a backup, you are capable of storing data to another place. It is essential for avoiding the risk of losing the website during the process of update. These types of things happen if something goes wrong or any kind of incorrect step is taken during updates.

For creating a backup, you have different options. You can ask the web hoster for such a task and create a full website backup. In case you do not want that, then you can get the help of a plugin. You can find some backup plugin in the WordPress plugin store.

Step 2: Turn Off Caching

If you are running the website with a caching plugin for fastening the loading speed, then you need to keep it off during the update. In case you do not follow such a thing, then it may impact the performance of the website and lead to bad results.

Step 3: Update Of Themes & Plugins

Everyone works by choosing a perfect theme for their WordPress website design and development. It does not matter what kind of theme you are using. WordPress regularly providing updates for themes. The updates are useful in improvising the performance of themes and add some more features. A similar thing is going to be with the plugins. You should update all these things before updating the complete website.

Step 4: Update Core WordPress

Updating the WordPress core is one of the most important steps. You are required to take such a step carefully and perfectly. For such a task, all you need to click on a single button. There are some other options to update it. The final selection depends on your comfort and consent. After it, you are dealing with the latest version with some new features and better security arrangements.

Step 5: Turn On Caching

Previously you turn off the caching system for safe and issue-free updates. Now your system is updated and you should turn caching system on again. It will help you in reducing loading time and increase server performance.

Step 6: Inspect Complete System

After getting the website and WordPress dashboard updated, you should check out the complete system. It will help you in getting, you lose any data or website essential or not and make sure your website is functioning properly and perfectly. For such a task, you should inspect the complete website including all pages and posts.

Step 7: Create Backup Once Again

If you find everything perfect, then you should choose for creating backup once again. Creating a backup will help you in making sure that your update version is now available with recent updates and new features. It can be useful in the future.

It is the complete procedure that will help you in updating the WordPress website perfectly. For keeping everything perfect, you can get assistance from professionals. It can be possible by hiring the services of the best WordPress development company Melbourne.

Methods To Update WordPress Core

Update Via Dashboard (One-Click Update)

It is the most simple method for updating the WordPress dashboard or core. You can see an option for such a task when you access the dashboard “PRESS UPDATE NOW”. After such a task, you can see the UPDATE NOW feature. By pressing such an option, the upgrading process starts. Here, you need to wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, your website gets updated and you are capable of availing lots of benefits.

Automatic Updates

There are two major types of updates released by WordPress such as – major and minor. Minor updates are published by the platform for overcoming some basic issues or adding some basic features. If you do not want to spend time on proceeding these minor updates, then you can set up an automatic function.

Whenever a minor update is released by the platform, then the system processes it automatically and update everything. If a major update is released, then you need to proceed by own.

These are the two major options for updating WordPress. In case you are not able to update the system with these two methods, then you can go for the manual one. The manual method includes some technicalities, it is good to get the help from WordPress experts here.

Final Saying

By focusing on these details, you can get complete information about WordPress updates. You should never bring thoughts of skipping WordPress update in mind. Updating the system is associated with lots of benefits.