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How To Use Candy Melts For Cake Pops


Candy Melts candy makes it manageable and enjoyable to cover the cake pop. Learn how to warm and thin Candy Melts and how to use Candy Melts candy to adorn cake pops.

Candy Melts candy can be dipped, drizzled, dunked, and coloured, but it’s best known for icing cake pops. It comes with many colours and flavours, manages to lock in the sweetness and warmth of a cake pop. It can also be used as a blank canvas for personalisation!

Candy Melts are a perfect way to customise your cake pop designs, whether you melt them in a melted pot or a dual boiler. Use this handy guide to guarantee that your cake pops are both smooth and polished.

What Is Candy Melts Candy?

Candy Melts candy is a sweet bakery covering that can be dipped in, moulded in, piped and drizzled over, and sometimes used to produce ganache. It comes in several colours and flavours, melts to a semi-liquid state, and hardens to a sleek and polished finish.

Colours can be combined to create different colours, and discarded sugar can be melted and re-used.

How To Melt Candy Melts Candy?

Candy Melts may be heated in an oven, a double boiler, or the Candy Melts Melting Pot. The melting pot or a dual boiler is the perfect ways for producing cake pops.

Candy Melts Melting Pot

The best way to melt candy for cake items is with the Candy Melts Melting Pot. In less than 10 minutes, it will melt up to 2 1/2 cups of Candy Melts candy and keep it in liquid form until your task is over.

How To Make Candy Melty Thinner?

If your molten candy is too dense or isn’t flowy coating your cake, use EZ Thin Dipping Aid to make it thin. These particles melt into the molten sugar, creating the ideal texture for dipping and drizzling.

Simply apply two teaspoons of stones to 12 oz. molten candy to make EZ Thin. Stir until all of the ingredients are well combined. Start with a tiny quantity of EZ Thin if you’re taking help from less than 12 oz. of melted candy, and gradually apply more until you reach the desired thickness.

You should also use strong vegetable shortening to thin out the molten sweets (2 tablespoons per 12 oz. bag). Do not use liquid vegetable oil, butter, milk, water, or any other liquid to slim your sweets. Both of these will smash or steal your sweets, leaving them useless.

How To Prevent Cany From Cracking

When a frozen or cold cake pop is placed in warm candy, the candy will crack as it thickens. Allow the cake pops to fall to room temperature before coating them in the hot candy to avoid this.

After coating all of your cake pops, set them aside for several minutes at room temperature to toughen moderately before putting them in the refrigerator to settle. This will allow the warm candy to chill off steadily, preventing the cold blast from the fridge from cracking the smooth candy coating.

How To Make Cake Pops?

Cake pops are easy to bake and adorn, and they make perfect delicious presents or party favours. They’re easy to personalise with your favourite flavours and colours, and they’re great for when you just want a bite of something sweet!

Cake pops should be made from the beginning from your own baked cake recipe, but there’s no shame about choosing a boxed cake mix instead. A soft cake crumb is produced using a boxed cake mix, ideal for cake pops, especially for customised ones like superhero cake pops.

How To Decorate Cake Pops From Candy Melts?

Sprayed Succulent Cake Pops can be used to make a cute edible greenhouse. These little cookies are great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or garden parties because they’re made to look like cacti and then coated in Green Candy Melts and sprinkles.

Baking can turn out to be tricky. If you do not want to get involved in the preparation process but craving something sweet, buy cake pops online!