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How to Use the Razonian Secret Menu?

how to use roku secret menu?
how to use roku secret menu?

The new version of the popular smart TV platform called the Amazon Fire Stick can be used with the new feature called the “Rocker” functionality in order to learn how to use the Roku secret menu? The new Fire Stick is a piece of technology that allows televisions to become mobile devices, making it possible for channels such as truTV and DirecTV Now to be accessed through a web browser, or mobile app on a tablet PC, smartphone, or other devices.

Android TV:

In this article, we will go over the basic features of the Fire Stick and how to access the many channels and apps that it provides. We will look at its advantages over devices such as the Apple TV, Android TV, Chroma Key, TiVo HD, and more! The important thing to note here is that the Fire Stick does not incorporate any remote control functions, such as a remote control pad, for example.

Roku Function:

As the name implies, the Roku function uses the internet to find the channels available on the web. It scans the web to find out what is available on pay-per-view channels, movie channels, music channels, educational channels, and on-demand programs. It then connects the user with the channels found, allowing the user to control what they wish to watch. In essence, it becomes a personal television!

Credentials of Their Account:

When the user enters the credentials of their account, they are given access rights to everything on the channel. The user can browse through the list of channels, add playlists and search for a specific program, or play it by date. They can switch from one channel to another, jump ahead or skip to the next episode. At any time, the user can scroll up or down to see what’s coming up and hit the play/pause button. The advantage of the interface is that it streamlines the way a user browses their favorite shows and movies. And with the nearly unlimited access available through the Fire Stick, one really never has to worry about running out of options.


There are channels dedicated to games, movies, reality TV, cooking, beauty tips, videos on demand, pay-per-view, kid’s channels, adult channels, and much more. When the user wants to see something, all they have to do is ask for it. The remote on the TV will have an on-screen code where the user must enter what they want to watch. It’s as easy as that! As the name implies, the Roku will connect to a user’s home network and stream the content to their TV.

Internet Connection:

The only thing a person would need in order to fully enjoy the capabilities of this TV is an internet connection. This is made extremely simple using a high-speed connection. Once connected, the user can browse the user interface using a remote control, search for programs on offer, and start watching their shows and videos on the big screen! The experience is truly amazing!

Watch TV Shows:

The program offers the user the ability to watch TV shows on their PC, smartphone, tablet, and remote. The interface is extremely user-friendly and quick to get around. There are no complicated menus or buttons, instead the interface is made to be fast and intuitive. The remote also makes entering show timings very convenient. If the user finds they want to watch something at a specific time the program will remember it and automatically schedule the show for that exact time.

Television Interface:

Not only does the television interface make watching a program on your computer so much easier but the program will also sync up with your email, Facebook, and other social media accounts. It’s simply amazing what the internet can do when it comes to entertainment. With this program, the user doesn’t have to leave the house to enjoy their shows or videos. It’s as if they were sitting right in front of their computer, watching their shows.


This particular program has many features, but the most exciting one is the remote control. The Amazon touch remote is a must have for any fan of television. Not only does it work as a television remote but it also works as an mp3 player. Not only does this allow the user to listen to their favorite shows from their computer or smartphone. It also allows them to access their favorite websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more.