How to Use TikTok: How do I get famous?

The very popular social video application TikTok has had a very difficult relationship with the United States government. A ban would have kept TikTok out of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store … Read More

The very popular social video application TikTok has had a very difficult relationship with the United States government. A ban would have kept TikTok out of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store as part of new anti-China measures by the Trump administration was pushed to September 27, as US companies try to reach an agreement to acquire part of the Chinese-owned application. We can’t promise that you will achieve viral fame on the Internet, but anything is possible, right? And we will show you what you need to know about TikTok.

How to Use TikTok?

  • Get started by downloading TikTok on iOS, Android, or from the Amazon Appstore. The videos will start playing automatically and you can poke around the site, but if you want the wacky TikTok videos to give you your 15 seconds of fame, you’ll need to create an account.
  • Just tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen to sign up for your account. Sign up your account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, your phone number or an email address. The application will have a link to the platform of your choice or you can register manually.
  • If you enroll manually, you will have to enter your date of birth. Next, enter your phone number or email address and set a password. TikTok will verify that you are not a robot and that you are ready.
  • Well, Until you start following some people or like videos, the For You feed will be a fairly random hodgepodge of content. Start by scrolling and seeing what you find, or you can start on the Next tab and sync your contacts. The Discover tab is also a good place to find content. See what’s hot in hashtags and find what interests you.
  • If you like a video, double click it or tap the heart button. You can find the creator’s profile, the “Like” heart, the comment section, and the sharing button in the lower right corner.
  • If you keep pressing the screen, you can save a video, add it to your favorites collection, or say you’re not interested. You can also get to know the creator’s profile by sliding your finger to the left. From there, you can follow that creator. The layout is similar to Instagram, except they’re just videos, so it shouldn’t seem too strange.
  • As you get more involved on the platform and interact with more people, you can find your followers’ likes and comments in the Notifications tab. Your private message inbox is also on the notifications tab. To make any adjustments to your account, such as privacy settings or push notifications, tap the profile icon and then the three-dot settings in the upper right corner.

How to make a TikTok video

  • Ready to make your first video? Click the white + at the bottom center of the screen and give TikTok the necessary permissions it asks for. You can film a new video or upload a ready video.
  • Now you can get fancy. Sound editing options are in the upper right and video editing controls in the lower left of the screen.
  • You can choose the basic filters by tapping the three-colored icon at the bottom of the screen or by swiping to the left. Touch the smiley face to add stickers, GIFs, or emojis. Some of the stickers are animated. Once you drop one on your video, you can drag it to its place or, if you prefer to delete it, to the top of the screen where a small trash can will appear.
  • Adding fancy effects to your videos. You will find more visual filters to drop on your videos, such as Rainbow, Water, Snow and Feathers. Best of all, you can change the filters as much as your video allows. Simply keep pressing a filter to apply it and release it to stop it.
  • You can also add transitions like Scroll, Rotation, Glide, and more. Touch Split, well, split the screen however you want up to nine ways. Lastly, you can add reverse, flash (like a double or triple shot) or slow-motion effects to your video. Before posting, tap Select Cover to create a thumbnail that other people will see when they find your video.
  • If your video is ready to post, tap Next. If you use Instagram, the posting screen is similar. There is a text box where you can write a bit about your video, add some hashtags or tag your friends.
  • Customize your preferences by tapping Who can see this video and choose between public, friends only, or private (that is, only you can see it). You can also turn comments on or off. Save your video in drafts, automatically post it to Twitter, or post it only on TikTok.
  • Regardless of the privacy settings you have selected for this particular video, TikTok will ask you for confirmation before posting it.
  • TikTok continues to inform you about the private account options in the settings. TikTok also notes in a separate alert that your videos must follow community guidelines even though all of your settings are private.
  • Go to your profile to see the video you have uploaded.


How to get famous?

Although internet fame seems easier than ever, we cannot guarantee anything. There may also be a small window of opportunity given the current situation for TikTok. A single video that goes viral and elevates a person to internet fame under any conditions is pretty rare, but here are some general tips that will get you to a verification plaque in no time.

1. Post a lot. Like a lot

Unless you are lucky in a viral video and keep that momentum, establishing a presence on TikTok takes time and commitment. However, that is not something that US users can have right now. If you did, we would tell you to create a schedule for yourself to post regularly enough to establish a constant flow of your content.

2. Find your “thing

Everyone is good at something. But the Internet is huge and many people are good at the same thing. When you embark on your journey to Internet fame, look for that extra something to differentiate your videos from others. The more niche, the better.

3. Make high-quality videos

You don’t have to go for some training, but you should present a polished product if you are serious about creating an online presence. You also don’t want to follow someone who doesn’t post quality videos. Don’t screw up your camera gear, but maybe invest in a tripod for your phone (they can cost as little as $ 5 at Staples or $ 8 at Amazon). Choose an online video editor to produce more professional videos to post. FlexClip is my pick for that. It offers many ready TikTok templates which enable you to make attractive videos in a few clicks.

4. Connect social accounts

You will most likely have better luck if all of your social media accounts are linked to each other. The luckier you will be, the more social media accounts you have. Maybe create a Finsta and protect your private Instagram. If you have enough followers, you can create a Facebook page and keep your account private.

5. Engaging with your followers

If your idols comment on one of your posts or a video, they like and comment. Some negative comments can be constructive as they can help you improve your content; If you’re going to be in public view, not everyone will like what you do. Other comments or messages can be harassing, creepy, and abusive. Use your discretion. Report and remove trolls. Keep in mind to interact with other TikTok creators too! What do they do well?

6. Do your homework

What is trending is important to the success of a video on any social media platform. Pay attention to hashtags, what’s hot right now, and what’s trending on the Discover tab. But you can paste a hashtag into your video to make it easier to find, but it doesn’t have to be tag-centric.


We have listed you how to use TikTok, how to make a TikTok video and how to get famous. You should have a general idea of how to get started. Just go for it! If you think something needs to be mentioned, leave your comment below.


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