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How to Use Various Types of Packaging Boxes Effectively for Your Business

Cardboard Boxes

Businesses who need packaging boxes always look for a variety of options, for better, safer and cheaper packaging options. Depending upon the products they sell, the types of packaging vary. Here are some types that will help you choose the right one for you.

What is Carton Packaging?

Folded carton packaging had started in the packaging industry some hundred years back, and at present is a billion-dollar industry. Packaging boxes in today’s world are being used in almost every product like home appliances, electronics, cosmetics, toys, bakery products and so on.

The cardboard packaging boxes that we see around, also known as cartons, are made by folding different types of fibreboards or paperboards. The folding technique depends upon the type of box that is required.

Packaging boxes are one of the most versatile, cheap, economic and eco-friendly ways to pack and ship products.

The Types of Packaging Boxes

Most cardboard cartons come in two forms- folding cartons and rigid cartons.

Folding cartons are those boxes which are manufactured from a single sheet board. This sheet board can either be a corrugated board, fibreboard or paperboard. This single sheet is cut following a template, and later on folded to make a box or tray. A common example of a folding carton is a pizza box which is made of a single corrugated sheet, folded on the top, bottom and sides.

On the other hand, rigid carton boxes are those boxes in which the top and bottom parts are separate. These types of boxes are also known as telescopic boxes. Shoe or jewellery boxes are available in this format. Often clothing or electronic goods also are shipped in such boxes.

Depending on the material used and the construction, packaging boxes are divided into five different categories.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are sturdy yet light packaging boxes that are made by folding corrugated paperboards. The basic structure of corrugated paperboard involves boards arched papers sandwiched between two layers of linerboards, made from heavy paper.

This gives corrugated boxes a higher bending rigidity and resistance from getting crushed than most other boxes. There are a number of corrugated boxes available depending upon the density of flutes or arches, and thickness of boards.

Multiple corrugated boards are quite often combined to make double-walled or triple-walled boxes, which are obviously more robust and thicker than their competitors. These corrugated boxes are used more in the shipping industry to move heavy boxes. House moving boxes are also made up of sturdy corrugated boards.

Low-cost and lighter corrugated boxes are used in retail or food packaging. Pizza or cupcake boxes are made from single-walled corrugated boards, because people usually dispose of these boxes after use.

Unless laminated with plastic, corrugated boxes can very easily be recycled. For the sake of marketing, businesses often put up bright coloured plastic coverings on the corrugated boxes.

Paperboard or Boxboard Cartons

Paperboard boxes are made from a thick paper-based material that has a grammage above 250 GSM. Paperboard can easily be printed with colours, lined with other materials and then folded intricately.

Paperboard boxes are usually used to pack and ship toys, electronics and cosmetics, medicines, stationary, cigarettes and liquor. It is easy to print or can be embossed. Laminated paperboard boxes are also made to make it strong and water-resistant.

Aseptic Cartons

The multi-layered containers, called aseptic containers, are generally used to store semi-solid or liquid food. Baby foods, soups, juices, or even desserts can easily be stored in these packages.

These packages not only increase the shelf life of the products but also preserve the nutritional value. These packaging can also withstand higher temperatures without compromising on the quality of product stored inside. TetraPak is a well-known manufacturer of aseptic cartons, and to be honest, we know these boxes as “TetraPak” and not as “aseptic cartons”.

These are not very easily recyclable.

Gable Tops

These are multi-layered cartons that are generally used to store refrigerated food products, like milks and juices. Gable tops are just an upgraded version of the aseptic cartons, with a cap atop the carton. This also makes these reusable. The milk or juice can be stored in the fridge and poured out as and when required.

Egg Cartons

Egg boxes or cartons are specially designed to transport whole eggs securely. These are made from moulded paper pulp or recycled paper, and have dents in which the eggs are stored safely. These cartons, sometimes, are also made from polystyrene foam or clear plastic.

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