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How To Void a Check in QuickBooks Online?


What it is like to void a check?

If a paper check is void, it means that a specific check is no longer valid for fund transfers. This refers to both the paper check itself and the check regulatory limits with the check as well. You are given some safeguard against forgery by simply writing “VOID” across a check. Complex scammers, however, can use the check information to construct fake bills on your account or to establish digital financial transactions. 

You must be quite careful, for this reason, to protect the checks that you have voided. The best way to safeguard these checks is to either destroy them or securely file them. Keep reading the article to know how to Void a check in QuickBooks Online.

Steps to Void a Check in QuickBooks Online

It’s easy on QuickBooks Online to void a check. Voiding checks not only maintain your profit and loss statement and Audit Record correct. If you’re using the accounts payable functionality of QuickBooks Online, correctly voiding checks guarantees that your A/P reports are still valid. Follow the below-given steps to void a check in QuickBooks Online:

  • Move to the check that you want to void.
  • For doing this, go to the ‘Check Register’ navigation pane.
  • After that, click on the ‘Banking’ tab that is located on the left-hand side of the toolbar.
  • On the next screen, navigate to the ‘Go to Register’ option.
  • Find the check that you are going to void.
  • Use the filters if needed to find the check(s).
  • After that, go to the check line from the register.
  • Choose the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Select the ‘More’ option that is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Void’ button.
  • On the dialog box, click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • A warning message will appear on your computer screen stating the payment that has to be made via this check.
  • After you confirm the void, your check has been successfully voided.
  • Click on the ‘Ok’ option.
  • Go to your register to see if the check is voided or not.
  • The check will show $0 and voided.

Consider the reconciliation is correct

When you void an already reconciled check, you will have to reverse the reconciliation and then again reconcile the transaction. Choosing the right transaction for your reconcile each time. Remember, you can never reconcile a voided check. However, unless they are labeled as reconciled, voided checks will keep showing up on your bank reconciliation window. 

This could render your reconciliation screen messy if you have a lot of voided checks which can also eventually lead to errors. In the check register, we suggest either labeling your voided checks as reconciled or choosing these $0 entries on your next process of reconciliation.

In Conclusion:

Voiding a check is the best solution as compared to deleting a check. You will have the details of the check by voiding. However, if you delete a check, the information about the check will vanish too. For further assistance, QuickBooks Error Support experts are ready to help on this number: +1- 860- 544- 6044

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