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How to watch webseries for free?

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Are you looking to know how to watch web series for free? Then, in that case, your search ends here. The favorite time pass for most of the people in this era would be watching a web series. But the problem that many people face is, they are not available for free. Most web series are made to watch from the streams and channels, which needs a subscription.

Not only in the United States, but it also happens everywhere. If you look for something that offers the clarified stream of web series for the free version, you will get the complete information in this article. To know what are the legit platforms regarding this, continue to pursue till the end.

List of websites apps for free:

Redbox –

In addition to their DVD rental kiosks and on-demand streaming movies, Redbox recently announced that they would be releasing an ad-supported free web series streaming service. The service is now available on the Redbox website and via the Redbox app. The service has about 30 live streaming channels, including TMC, USA Today, FailArmy, and several Redbox exclusive channels. The channels and content show up in categories like “Movies,” “TV,” “Entertainment,” “News,” and “Kids.”

Popcornflix –

Popcornflix is a free streaming service with many free movies and TV shows, available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, and more. The service has everything from classic 80s and 90s children’s shows to recent movies in various genres, including foreign films and documentaries.

Tubi TV –

It is similar to Crackle, but it doesn’t have original content. The Tubi TV catalog contains more than 7,000 TV shows and movies, so you’re sure always to find something to watch. The library is predominantly reality TV shows and old sitcoms that provide access to accurate, binge-worthy content such as The FBI Files and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The best feature of Tubi TV is its movie and web series section. There are some accurate blockbuster titles, high-quality documentaries, and some great romances. You may need to dig around a little to find the perfect movie for that lazy Sunday afternoon or a family movie night. Tubi TV is streamed with Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Playstation, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Smart TVs, and web browsers.

Nosey –

If daytime TV is your guilty pleasure, then Nosey is the perfect web series streaming service for you. Nosey has compiled a compilation of the best daytime TV to create an easy-to-use streaming service. From the cheating spouses on Jerry Springer to the drama of Cheaters and Paternity Court. There are even some game shows such as Press Your Luck and Family Feud. Nosey allows you to enjoy all that daytime gold without needing an antenna or cable box. Nosey is supported on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Android devices.

Crackle TV –

It is an on-demand service that streams like Netflix Comtv 8, but with no pesky subscription charges or fees. The Crackle library includes lots of finished television shows and many movies.

The content rotates out each month, and Crackle also produces its original content. There are some great original series, including StartUp and Snatch, which is the type of edgy content that should address your HBO void. If you enjoy watching reruns of older shows like Seinfeld and Community, Crackle could be what you’re looking for. Crackle is supported for Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android, and iOS. Several smart TVs can stream Crackle.

Pluto TV –

Pluto TV offers free web series streaming that can fill the TV void in your life. The platform provides more than a hundred live television channels, music, and movies, grouped into categories. It means that you can browse Sports, Entertainment, or News with each of these sections packed with high-quality channels.

Pluto TV is an excellent choice for those who love television but don’t have particular must-see shows. Some of the channels you may recognize from your cable package, and a few may be new to you. For example, there is an MSNBC feed. However, Pluto TV stands out in the choice of unusual channels, such as Slow TV, a feast of things moving peacefully, which can help you wind down after a busy day. The service operates on Samsung TVs, Sony Smart TVs, Vizio TVs, web browsers, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.


Hopefully, we have listed a few legit platforms that will provide you with web series streams for free. These can be easily accessible over your smart android TV. For live sports use, ballysports.com activates promo codes, which enhances your sport entrainment.

If you have any doubts regarding this, mention us in the comment section below.