How to win at Indian rummy card game: Quick tips and tricks for beginners

Rummy, with its digital format, continues to fascinate the players even today. Despite other social card games like poker and teen patti, online rummy still remains of the favourite card games and also one of … Read More

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Rummy, with its digital format, continues to fascinate the players even today. Despite other social card games like poker and teen patti, online rummy still remains of the favourite card games and also one of the most trending indian games online. We all know that Indian rummy is easy to play, and one can learn the game in a jiffy. But the truth is to become a pro; apart from strategies, there are some rummy tips and tricks that you must follow to increase your winning chances.

Group your cards to avoid any confusion

When it comes to grouping the cards, many novice players are confused. For a valid declaration, it is compulsory to create one pure sequence as per the rules of Indian rummy. So, once the cards are dealt to you, arrange them properly on the basis of sets and sequences. Doing so makes it easy for you to keep track of them and play strategically. To arrange your cards, an easy trick is to sort them that you need for a pure sequence and make another group for an impure set or sequence.

Dispose off cards around the joker

The joker cards help you complete impure sets or sequences, but many players who do not realise its hidden potential. If you unlock its true worth, disposing cards around joker can help you become a stronger player even if you don’t have a joker card in your hand. As your opponents will try to use this card to complete their impure sequence, they will not be able to form a pure sequence with it. As a result, discarding cards around the joker is a smart idea. You will be confusing your opponent if you do so. However, timing is everything, and before using this option, it is important to observe the opponent’s card- picking pattern.

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Too many high-value cards

In Indian rummy, face-value cards, i.e. Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, carry 10 points each. Generally, you might get a mix of number cards ( between 2 and 10) and face cards. But what if you receive too many high-value cards? How to deal with such situation? Well, you can discard these cards soon and replace them with number cards instead.

Hold your opponents’ cards

Keep a close watch on the other rummy players at your table. You will have a fair idea about the cards they need to declare their hand. Once you are aware of the moves of your opponents and the online rummy strategy they are using, try to hold the cards, even if they are face cards. Hold those cards once you are ready to declare them. If they do not get the appropriate cards after a few hands, they will start discarding those from the unmelded sequence. So, the time lost by your opponents is your time gained.

Organize, set, and play

Once the cards are dealt, sort your cards. When playing online rummy, all you have to do is click on the “sort” button to automatically carry this action out. Organizing your cards will help you avoid confusion and will have a clear picture of which cards can be discarded. If you arrange your cards according to the colour, there might be a risk of a potential set missing your eye. On the other hand, organizing them in a black-red-black pattern or vice versa creates contrast and can help keep everything in order.

Use the middle cards

When playing rummy, try making sequences with middle cards. They have a lot of possibilities with them. For instance, the card number with 6 you can make sequences like 4,5,6 or 5,6,7 or 6,7,8. These cards can be grouped in sequences with numbers that fall on either side while retaining your total score at mid-level. Keeping these cards will benefit you as these are the most flexible ones in the deck, allowing you to form the appropriate combinations easily.

Keep your points low

Try to keep your points as low as possible. You can do this by either discarding high-value cards or making one pure sequence as early as you can in the game. When you have arranged your cards, you will have an idea of what cards make a set or which does not. To get a minimal total, discard photo cards or other cards that are irrelevant. As face cards carry 10 points each, so your aim should be to discard them, as long as it does not help your opponent’s set.

If you know how to play Indian rummy, apply these tips to increase your chances of winning, but the only way to win is by practising the game online. The more you practice, the more you get a hold of the game. Once you are familiar with these rummy hacks, practice and develop by playing free rummy games and tournaments on Gamentio. It is one of the best rummy sites for Indian players. What are you waiting for? Enter into the world of rummy and play with rummy fans around the world, and have unlimited fun anytime, anywhere.


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