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How to win at TikTok and grow your followers

grow your followers on TikTok

TikTok shaped the way of vertical mobile videos on social media and now almost all social media platforms have their version of Tiktok. This article shall help you grow your followers and learn about tricks that will help you excel at creating TikTok videos.

The smartphone era changed the way we consume video. These short-duration vertical videos might appear simple to create but require the same attention and dedication as longer horizontal video formats. Let’s understand how to win over TikTok audiences.

Make scenes more cinematic

When you create TikTok videos more cinematically, it adds the drama that is required to retain the audience. Why should you treat your TikTok videos lightly? You must film it like a full-fledged production. You must take care of all the essentials that are needed to make a TikTok video cinematic.


Although Tiktok has a wide variety of music, there will be times where you would need to record your audio on location or record a voice-over according to your requirement. This will need you to use a wireless lavalier for crisp sound recording. Good quality audio on your TikTok shall improve its overall appeal.


Video lighting is an essential part of the process of achieving a cinematic look. You can use led ring light for basic illumination for your subject, although Rembrandt lighting and ambient lighting would be great according to the mood of the video.

Art Direction

Achieving a good frame needs effort, as an individual you can try and add objects or props to your background of the frame. This creates depth and adds character to your video.


Clothes speak out loud, the TikTok video you’re creating must align with the kind of clothes you’re wearing. If you’re creating a dance video on a monochromatic background you can wear colors that would go in contrast with the environment. This applies to all the videos, the subject must not blend with the background.


Being prepared with your shots will help you visualize and give you a better understanding of the output of your video. Scripting, planning, and fixing upon frames will make it easier for you to achieve good results.

Add emphasis to POV TikToks 

POV TikToks are highly relatable and intimate to the audience. POV Tiktoks often break the 4th wall and give the creator creative liberty to add the perspective of the audience along with performing in their space. POV or point of view Tiktoks would essentially require the person to look into the camera as if the audience is there with them. It builds connection and allows the creation of relatable content that has no boundaries. It can be something as simple as a day to day relatable content to complex storytelling through a perspective. It’s fun to record and gets you high reach and engagement.

Establish a recurring focal point for viewers

Establishing a recurring focal point will ensure that viewers remain engaged throughout the video. It also brings in a much required consistency. A recurring focal point for viewers can be an object, a backdrop or the look and feel of the video. The tonality of a TIkTok video depends on the mood of the story. You can achieve the desired look by using TikTok filters. However, to stand out from your competitors you can use a free online video editor that has a unique collection of adjustable filters.

The audience will be focusing on the subject but at the same time will be hooked unaware of the elements that you’ve used to enhance your TikTok video.

Duet with popular influencers on TikTok

Another smart way to grow followers is by creating duets on popular trends along with influencers on TikTok. This feature known as the TikTok duet allows you to build upon videos of other TikTok creators. Your video plays alongside the original, although a user must have the option enabled that allows you to create a duet. Popular actors and influencers often collaborate using this feature. You can duet with your favorite celebrities on TikTok, this will get you good reach and engagement due to the popularity of the celebrity. Many creators change the perspective of the original video just by creating a TikTok duet creatively.

Build anticipation with good video editing

To win at Tiktok you must engage your audience throughout the video by building anticipation. This can be incorporated through your story while implementing the J-cut video editing technique. Building anticipation is done while editing your video. It’s a work of good music along with video editing skills. You can create a splendid buildup sequence for your TikTok video using a free online video editor. There’s a lot of area for creativity when you want a good build-up. You can edit visuals and choose music according to the mood. To have a good anticipation execution make sure to place the result in the apt time. Sometimes, too much anticipation can backfire, so keep it short and sweet just like TikTok videos are supposed to be.

Wrap up                              

Consistency and creativity shall help you grow followers on TikTok. If you are providing your followers with quality videos they’re bound to share them. To create videos without the limitations of the TikTok interface, you can use a free online video editor.