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How to write an Ebook in 7 days?


Since 2000, when Stephen King wrote the first commercial ebook, the market has progressed at an amazing rate. Ebook selling platforms make billions of dollars annually, and the revenue keeps on increasing every year.

Wondering if you too should enter the fray? We have all the answers for you:

Is Ebook Writing Worth It?

So, here’s a secret: ebooks do not have to be very long and tome-like.

You’ll find many successful ebooks having a word count of just 12,000 words. Well-written short books can generate a lot of money too. In 2011, for instance, Amanda Hocking made 2 million dollars by selling hers—and they were self-published ebooks!

You, too, can earn a lot by writing and selling ebooks. For example, Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake by Mindy Kaling is one of the best-selling books on Amazon. So, you can make a lot of money by selling on Amazon.

What’s more, you can easily write a 12,000-word-long ebook in 7 days. Just do your best to stay committed and optimistic during the process and keep reading. We’ll show you how it’s possible and easily doable:

Day 1: Choose Your Topic

Starting with the basics, you should write what you know about. Therefore, choose a topic you have great expertise in. Doing so will help you generate an ample amount of content for your ebook.

To choose a topic, brainstorm ideas that relate to your passion, expertise, and interests. Make sure your topic is also relevant to the interests of your target audience. Otherwise, you’ll be the only person reading your ebook.

Your ebook should also provide viewers with results they can’t argue with. For example, if the ebook is:

“Ways of Losing Weight without Working out”

Make sure you discuss ways to lose weight in it.

Your content should be precise, detailed, and innovative.  Don’t talk about things your reader wouldn’t want to know about.

It’s also important to conclude your book with a way of assessing results. It would help readers measure their progress.

Day 2: Form an Outline

Now that you have decided on the topic of your ebook, it’s time to plan the distribution of the content that will go into it. You don’t want to start writing aimlessly and get stuck later on. So, you’ll need to divide content into chapters and make sure it’s organized properly. In other words, you’ll have to create an outline for your ebook.

Grab a piece of paper and create a chapter-wise outline of what you’ll be covering in the ebook. First, pen down all the ideas you have in your mind related to the topic. Then, make sure you organize the content so it has proper continuity.

Day 3-5: Researching about the Topic and Writing

In these 3 days, you will be researching the topic in even more depth and starting to write. Since you have just 12,000 words to write, you can maintain a daily word count of 4000 words. Work on one chapter at a time. As you do, make sure you cover all the objectives you have mentioned in your outline for the chapter.

Moreover, try and dedicate a few hours to research as well. A well-researched ebook helps you connect with ebook purists. With a clear plan and outline, this writing phase is a lot easier. Unfortunately, many writers fail to complete their ebooks because they don’t have a proper plan.

These tips can come in handy while writing an ebook:

· Remove distractions

Many writers suffer from low productivity while writing ebooks. Therefore, they keep putting off their work and lose motivation over time. In addition, they can get distracted by multiple things while they are working. For example, they may keep checking their phone, start browsing social media apps or take an indefinite break to binge-watch a show on Netflix.

To achieve success in whatever you’re doing, you’ll have to be laser-focused. You can’t call ebook writing difficult just because you can’t commit to it for 3 days. If you want to concentrate, switch off the Wi-Fi while writing and put your phone away to avoid further distractions.

· Avoid Unnecessary Pauses While Writing

When you are writing, there shouldn’t be any breaks. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated. If you are hungry and want to eat something, grab a bag of chips and eat it while writing. Make sure you are done with your meals and chores before sitting down to write.

If you feel you should be adding facts and information in certain places, don’t stop writing. Instead, highlight that portion. Then, after you are done with the word count for the day, search for those facts. Find the highlighted parts in your ebook and fill in the information.

If you want to finish your ebook in time, avoid as many pauses as possible. That’s how you can maintain a high rate of productivity.

· What to Do When You Get Stuck?

Even after planning and forming the outline, it’s normal for writers to get stuck at a point. Don’t know how to move forward? In such situations, brainstorm the topic you’re stuck on.  Write down everything that comes into your mind on a piece of paper while you do that. It is important to stay optimistic when you get stuck.

Even the best writers suffer from writer’s block. Find yourself in that spot too? These might help:

  • Changing perspectives

Say you’re writing fiction from a certain character’s POV and don’t know how the story should proceed. Switch to another character to get unstuck!

  • Taking a walk

No, seriously. Go outside and walk around for a bit. Nature or the people might spark inspiration!

  • Make a call

Whether it’s to your BFF or your mom, having a conversation with someone might help loosen a block or two.

Day 6: Editing and Finalizing the Ebook

Once you have your draft ready, it’s time to proofread and finalize it. If you are not a professional writer, we’d highly recommend high-quality professional ebook writing services.

Now, you have two days to finalize and publish your ebook, so don’t relax just yet. Read your ebook multiple times and edit whatever you think can improve. Make sure the content of your ebook is understandable. While reading, also checks if your ebook’s content has any grammatical or continuity issues.

Day 7: Publishing your Ebook

You’re done with the hard part. Now, it’s time to sell your ebook. Here are things to keep in mind before moving towards publishing it:

  • If you want someone to buy your ebook, choose an interesting and innovative title. Remember The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK?
  • Bright colors and attractive fonts on the book’s cover can make it more enticing to would-be readers.
  • Add page numbers and format the book thoroughly so that each chapter begins on a new page.

There might be a writer in many of us. However, not everyone has the patience that writing demands. If you have great ideas but don’t have the expertise you’d need, opt for ebook writing services. Since creative writing experts know the secret recipe behind highly successful ebooks, get them to ghostwrite a bestseller for you!