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How will you redefine success in a competitive exam?


We all stepped into this year with big goals, only to see them sweeping by the side as life took an unpredictable turn. Corona virus spread at a whopping rate making everyone anxious and stressful. It failed every plan and goal. This virus has not severely affected the business houses, but also many competitive exams. A host of competitive exams were in the queue to be conducted this year, but the majority of them were postponed to avoid the spread of corona virus. For sure, it’s frustrating. However, you should avoid measuring yourself against plans you made before. Instead, make fresh plans for studying.  

Every year the government of India conducts numerous exams to recruit capable and efficient employees. Whether you are going to prepare for Upcoming Bank Exams or other government jobs, you need to follow an organized and smart technique to study. Almost every competitive exam is cancelled, now you have enough time to prepare for the exam. You can utilize this time to improve yourself and polish your caliber. 

Here are some invincible tools that can ensure your success in the competitive exams:

  • Get rid of your bad habits

There are millions of people who wish to improve their lives but many surveys predicted that only 8% are able to do so. We are made up of your habits. You can easily break your habits with the help of following guidance:

  • Maintain a journal: You can write about your feelings, negative thoughts and distractions. This way you’ll be able to analyze your behaviour.
  • Increase the friction: Avoiding yourself to indulge in bad habits will help you break them easily. For example: you can keep your mobile phone away while studying for the exam. 
  • Engrain good habits: You can develop good habits by planning your daily routine and follow it sternly. Prepare a to-do list and stick to it for better preparation. 
  • Analyze your potential: Analyze your daily behaviour and make improvements to it on a daily basis. Do all the possible efforts that are required to enhance your potential. 
  • Devise a smart plan

Devising a smart plan can help you reach your desires in a short span of time. In case of competitive exams, planning involves making a suitable time table for exam preparation. Preparing a timetable is easy. The most tedious task is to adhere to it. While framing a time table, it is essential to place difficult topics on the top and leave easy topics for the end. Covering hard topics first can reduce pressure and stress while preparing for the exam. You need to complete the exam syllabus on time, so that you’ll be left with sufficient time for revision. 

There are many exams that are going to be held for Govt Jobs in Punjab. Exam dates are yet to be announced by the government of Punjab. So, interested candidates have sufficient time for planning and execution. 

  • Solve maximum mock tests

Postponement of exams has left you with sufficient time for revision and practice. You can utilize this time to practice maximum mock tests. Doing this can help you scrutinize your performance for further improvements. Additionally, it will help you increase your speed and accuracy while solving questions. Practicing mock tests will help you simulate exam experience which will boost your confidence to appear in the exam.

  • Train your mind to fight distractions

Students easily get distracted while preparing for the competitive exam. You can use Pomodoro Technique to  improve your focus and avoid distraction. This technique suggests that you can divide your study time into small segments like 45 hours of study followed by a 15 minute break. This will not only help you from getting distracted but also increase your productivity to prepare for the exam. 

If you are aspiring to clear any of the Upcoming Bank Exams or other government exams, then you can use this technique to improve your focus. 

  • Maintain physical fitness

Good health can open various doors to success. It is advisable not to ignore your health in the haste to do exam preparation. A sound health will help you focus better while studying for the exam. It is essential to follow a nutritious diet to maintain good health. You can also add exercising and yoga to your daily routine. A healthy diet followed by daily exercise will keep you physically fit.

  • Find a source of inspiration

It is important to remain motivated throughout the preparation phase. There some simple ways to keep yourself uplifted all the time:

  • Reading a motivational book.
  • Watching an inspirational movie.
  • Listening to encouraging podcasts.
  • Meeting successful people.

These things will not only keep you uplifted, but will help you perform better in any competitive exam. So, keep your chin up by following the aforementioned points. 

If you are aiming to grab any of the Govt Jobs in Punjab, then prepare hard to qualify the exams to be conducted by the government. 


These are a few tips that can help you redefine success in a competitive exam. No doubt! Preparing for any competitive exam is a herculean task. Moreover, corona virus has bought additional challenges for the candidates preparing for the exam. So, it is crucial to alter your study plan and follow it.