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HP Scanner Not Working, How to Fix?

HP scanner not working

Many problems occur in the machines and devices; the HP scanner can have technical issues, which can lead to the non-functioning of your HP Scanner. Hp scanner, due to many reasons, can be unable to scan documents. Sometimes the computer cannot detect the Scanner, so you need to pay attention to all the requirements. You can mostly solve the problems by yourself at home, so there is no need to worry if your Scanner is not working.
The HP scanner not working issues are troubling you? Don’t worry, it is normal. There can be many issues and symptoms regarding the HP Scanner Not Working glitch, such as:
• A computer can’t interact or connect to a Hp scanner.
• The computer does not detect the Hp scan, and then it will show ‘Scanner Not Found’.
• The Hp printer is unable to scan for email or any of the required documents.
• The Hp scanner is not detecting the computer; then it will show ‘No Computer Detected’.
• The Hp scanner keeps on disconnecting.
• Scanner can’t scan color print.

Solutions of HP Scanner Not Working Problem

You can resolve scan connection issues on your own. The HP scanner not working issues can be solved with many alternatives.
• Uninstall and reinstall the Scanner: the problem with the HP Scanner can be due to improper installation. So, you should first uninstall and then reinstall the HP Scanner and then restart your computer system to check if it is working or not.
• Check the connection problem between HP Scanner and Computer: if the connection is improper, it will affect the communication between the computer and the Scanner. The solution is to restart the computer system and Scanner at the same time.
• Change the USB Cable of Scanner: a lousy cable may lead to a non-functioning of Hp Scanner. The solution is to change the USB cable with a better USB cable for connecting your computer to the Scanner.
• Ensure that the drivers are updated to avoid any types of problems which can lead to not working of Scanner because an outdated driver may cause your Hp scanner not working. You can install the latest driver from your scanner manufacturing website on your computer.
• Check that the memory is sufficient: sometimes, a scanner requires a large memory for scanning tasks, so your system should have sufficient memory.
• The Scanner couldn’t work if the firewall settings are not proper or cannot recognize the software or device.
• If your Hp Scanner is not working on Mac, then reset the Scanner.

The above-given steps will help you fix HP Scanner problems if HP Scanner Not Working Windows 10 or if the printer is working and the Scanner is not working, and many more related HP Scanner problems. Some corrupted files in your system may hamper your Scanner to work on Windows 10. There can be many reasons for the HP scanner not working. You need to ensure that your Scanner is turned on before you check for any technical problems.