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Huawei GT Smartwatch is all about the need of modern era


At the Mate 20 series unveiling, Huawei announced a brand new smartwatch, the huawei gt smartwatch. Unlike the Watch 2, the latest wristwatch is powered by Huawei’s operating system, which offers advanced capabilities and long battery life – but is it one of the best smartwatches on the market?Huawei took a chance by inventing Light OS for the Watch GT, and although there are advantages to using it, there are also drawbacks. In our Huawei smartwatch review, you’ll see what we mean. Visit https://sunbeamtech.com/ for more latest tech and gadget reviews.


Accessibility and selling prices

The Huawei Watch is available in two styles: Sport and Classic. They cost £179 and £249, respectively, and the Sport is currently available on Amazon. The Classic is a little more difficult to come by in the UK, as it isn’t currently available from any retailer, not even Huawei’s web store carries it, even though it has been on sale for almost six months. Our American viewers are also out of luck, as the huawei gt smartwatch is not available in the United States.

Huawei has stated from the beginning that it wants to create a wristwatch that appears like a watch rather than the high-tech gadget design of competing smartwatches. This translates to elements such as a circular face, a durable body, and a crown or crowns for interacting with the watch that is known to watch users.

Although these crowns will not be utilized in the same way as a regular watch, they will nevertheless enable shortcuts to exercise tracking, the main menu, and other functions. Why would you not want to access something with fewer taps?

However, unlike many other smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Misfit Vapor 2, you can’t turn the crown to scroll through on-screen menus.

Good appearance and a solid construction

The huawei gt smartwatch has a similar structure to the Huawei Watch 2 and is available in two colors: black stainless steel with a ceramic bezel design on the outer ring and a slightly more pricey silver stainless steel body with a brown leather rubber watch strap.

While you would think the rubber makes the leather strap acceptable for swimming, you’d be wrong; if you want to swim with the luxury watch, you’ll need to invest in an additional strap.

Comfortable to wear

The good news is that the Huawei Watch comes with regular watch bands that are comfortable to the touch, and while they shouldn’t irritate you, you can replace them with other suitable watch straps if they do.

While the strap does not irritate our skin, after a little more than two weeks of daily wear, we discovered a little blister on our arm where the HR sensor contacts our skin. It’s a minor blister that doesn’t hurt, but it’s interesting to note, particularly since you’re encouraged to wear the Watch GT both during the day and at night.

OLED Display

Both smartwatches have a 1.39 OLED display with a diamond coating to prevent scratches. While they seem like fashionable watches, there is no size difference for tiny, delicate wrists individuals.

On the back of the huawei gt smartwatch, you’ll find a new heart rate sensor that the company claims are more accurate than what’s currently available from rival smartwatches. The Watch GT, like other Huawei smartwatches, supports contact charging rather than complete wireless charging.

Exceptional battery life

It’s a shame because those who bought a Mate 20 Pro with wireless charging could have used their phone to power the Watch GT! Oh well, Huawei, maybe next year?While the Huawei Watch GT’s look is essentially unchanged, it does come with improved fitness trackers and an entirely new software approach that you’ll either love or despise.

Unlike the Huawei Watch 2, which uses Android Wear, Huawei’s latest wrist watch runs Light OS, the firm’s operating system. Huawei was able to improve the battery life of the Watch GT by having control over both the hardware and software of the wristwatch. According to what you’re doing, the Watch GT may last anywhere from 22 hours to a month.