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I Failed to Update Linksys Extender Firmware! What to do?


If you have failed updating Linksys extender’s firmware, then worry not. This particular post will surely help you solve the issue and make your extender up and running smoothly in a matter of minutes. So, without much delay, let’s delve in and fix Linksys extender firmware update failed issue.

Why Linksys Extender Firmware Update Fail?

For starters, the Linksys extender firmware update fails to update issue can occur due to a number of reasons like internet connectivity and network security issues, problem with your PC or laptop or WiFi extender itself. Walk through the reasons highlighted below that may cause the Linksys extender firmware update fail issue.

Spotty or Weak Internet Connectivity

If you tried to install the latest firmware on your device by accessing the Linksys range extender login page, then you must consider a couple of points mentioned above:

  • Check if your computer or laptop is connected to your main router in correct order.

  • Check if your range extender is placed at the right location, away from WiFi interference creating obstructions and near to your main router.

  • Check if your extender is connected to your router’s WiFi network.

Corrupted Linksys Extender Firmware File Downloaded

Have you scanned the firmware file before downloading it on your Linksys extender? What did you said, no? Fret not! Simply scan it prior to making it effective on your WiFi extender. Apart from that we suggest you download the firmware file for your extender from the Linksys official site only.

Network Security

If the security of your WiFi network is at high risk, then also you may struggle with Linksys extender firmware update fail error. To get that fixed, create a strong password for your WiFi network.

Defective or Faulty Hardware

If the hardware of your PC, laptop or extender is faulty or defective, then also you may issue while downloading the firmware on your Linksys extender. To get it fixed, update all the drivers.

Wired Connectivity Issues

The reason behind the failure of Linksys extender firmware can be due to loose or improper wired connections. To avoid this, make sure that your extender is connected to your router properly via non-damaged Ethernet cable. Access the Linksys range extender setup page to check if the wired connection between your devices has successfully established.

Insufficient Power Supply

You can also face Linksys extender firmware update fail issue if it is receiving discontinuous power supply. Thus, to get rid of the issue, ensure that your Linksys extender is getting a sufficient power supply.

Once you have cross-checked all the points mentioned above and if they helped you fix the issue, you can try again to download the latest version on your Linksys extender.

Steps to Perform Linksys Extender Firmware Update

For downloading and installing the latest firmware on your Linksys extender, all you need to do is to:

  • Launch a web browser of your choice on a computer or laptop.

  • Enter extender.linksys.com into the browser’s URL bar.

  • Press Enter.

  • A window will appear asking for a username and password. Enter the details correctly into their respective fields and click on Log In.

  • Linksys extender web-page setup page displays.

  • Click on Firmware Upgrade option under the Administration section.

  • Once done, click on Choose File and select he downloaded firmware file.

  • Click on Open once you have selected the correct firmware file.

  • Hit the Start Upgrade button. To avoid any issues with your range extender, do not interrupt the firmware update process.


Still receiving the same Linksys extender firmware update failure message? No worries! Contact our expert technicians for quick help via comments.