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Ideas for Where To Sail Your Next Yacht Charter Holiday


Choosing where to sail your next yacht charter holiday can be a difficult decision. How do you work out where to take it? There are many different factors that go into making this decision, so here are our top ideas:

If you want warm weather and lots of sunshine then head for the Caribbean or Mediterranean in summertime (or their winter months). If you’re looking for something more exotic, try Asia! In Europe, the Canary Islands is a popular choice because of its great weather all year round. And if you prefer colder climates, then Scandinavia is perfect for sailing in most seasons – with plenty of beautiful scenery and activities on offer too.

The best way is to follow a route that someone has already made.

The PlainSailing destination guides all include a suggested one-week itinerary which is a great place to start. The destinations are always in marinas, but you can substitute the nearby bays if desired. Alternatively, if you are looking to plan a longer sail then we have created itineraries for three and four-week sails.

A great way to plan your charter vacation is by taking one of the many chartered planning a route. There are a few pros and cons for this approach:

It’s easy because all you have to do is show up at the starting point and follow the route, but unless you research the sailing area there’s no guarantee that it will include everything you want;

With some creative trip planning, choosing an itinerary can be a fun activity for families. Give each family member veto power (you’ll have fewer arguments about where to go), or delegate parts of the decision process (depending on fairness). But remember that when creative travel planners clash, anyone who has too much invested in their idea may block everyone else with filibusters.

Although the favorite method of some sailors is to wait until they are on their yacht before making plans, there are a few ways you can plan ahead.

Try looking at weather forecasts and sailing charts so that you know what conditions to expect. Figure out how long it will take to sail from one location to another with different wind speeds or currents. Some skippers allow the passengers onboard their boat full control over where they want their ship headed, meaning your group should be able to come up with an itinerary as a team.

One thing to remember is that when it comes to creative travel planners, one idea may be better than all the others. When there are too many differing opinions or invested parties involved in a decision-making process, everyone has veto power and can block anyone else’s ideas.

It’s important for you as captain of your ship (or leader of your group) not to feel pressured into choosing any one plan over another. Fight for what you think would make the best experience!