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Identity Verification: A Work From Home Necessity

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This pandemic, it has our lives changed upside down. With it, the need to shift almost every day to day activities has emerged. The world is dependent on digitally, like never before. With everything being shifted online, companies have been compelled to have their office operations shifted online too. Also, the companies have made their employees work from home. However, the notion of ‘work from home’ might sound simple, while it is not. For many companies, having the employees to WFH (Work From Home) entails privacy risks and threats of data breaches. In such scenarios, companies require to perform identity verification of the employees, prior to giving access to the company operations from home.

Employee identity to verify online for WFH:

Global identity verification helps businesses not only in authenticating businesses but also in being compliant with several regulations. With identity verification, companies can counter unauthenticated identities.

A global identity verification involves verifying and screening a company employee, being anywhere in the world. This would authenticate the identities of the very employees while restraining and blocking the unauthorized and unidentified identities

Know your Candidate for Remote Hiring:

As discussed earlier, almost every aspect of life has been forcing to shift online. Hiring employees is no exception as well. Hiring people online, without having to meet and knowing them, entails a lot of risks. That said, identity verification can be made out of most for make new hiring as well.

Companies, while interviewing the potential candidates for the sake of hiring, usually make video calls. Upon hiring, the documents providing by the newly hiring might be fake. The person may be a cybercriminal, with no good intentions for the future, whilst being in the company. Therefore, companies can have the provided documents verified, by making use of some identity verification solution.

Moreover, the documents providing may be falsified in any way possible. Therefore, to counter this, the use of document verification by means of identity verification becomes essential.

By making use of the OCR technology, data on the documents against the fields are extracting. The extracted data is then verified using authenticating techniques.

That is how remote hiring can be made safe and sound for the employees.

Identity Verification functioning for WFH:

Identity verification helps companies and organizations to authenticate employee identity by means of biometric identifications, address identification, etc.

Biometrics Identification:

It involves authenticating employee identities by making use of facial recognition technology. Employees verify their identities by facing the camera in real-time.

Address Identification:

Employees can also have their identities verified by the means of providing a picture file, along with a government-issued ID card.

Identity Card Address Verification:

This involves having the employee’s identity verified by making use of identity card address verification.

Identity Verification with ease

Identity is not only mandatory and significant but surprisingly easy as well. It requires no complex and expensive hardware or any complex integration. It can be made to use within a minute, at the tips of your finger. That is all that it takes, to perform identity verifications; for the sake of securing a company’s business online working platform.

Key Takeaways:

Face verification, enabled with pattern recognition, helps in cross-matching document images with the real-time face. Besides this, for hiring new and remote employees, it can also be made to use. This can be performing by making use of government-issued ID cards, however, driving licenses and passports can be used too for the sake of identity verification.

Last, however, definitely not least, identity is performing in real-time. This just adds to the already present many other significant features.