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If You are Going to Present More Security Then Use Lightsabers


What is a Lightsaber?

A lightsaber is a blade that emanates from the hilt of a lightsaber, a lightsaber is often powered by both small batteries and computer circuitry. By pulling on the hilt of the lightsaber, the saber’s blade can be activated, thereby delivering enough electrical current to cut through a space suit, remove skin, or produce a fiery explosion. More importantly, the saber gives its wielder a sense of inner power. In Star Wars Episodes, A New Hope, Luke Skywalker built his own lightsaber using only a blade and a door handle. Lightsaber Replica are available on the market, at reasonable prices. 

Gop Vaidya and Siddhant Dash say sabers make good security devices for protecting computer networks because a saber offers more than a variety of innovative ways to deliver electrical current, they also provide non-lethal firepower, unmatched speed and power, and no require special training or physical ability.

“As with most technologies that provide “non-lethal” firepower, your saber is effective only when its user knows how to fight proficiently, and when its user knows how to use the weapon without injuring themselves or others. However, it is an ideal weapon for security guards who need a close-range tool that can incapacitate a mugger or snatch a purse.”

Top Benefits of Lightsabers for Security

The limited use of current in a lightsaber may provide sufficient force to penetrate most types of defenses and make it a valuable tool for maintaining perimeter security, especially when compared with an electroshock device, pepper spray, batons, handgun rounds, Tasers or other less versatile offensive weapons. However, for these uses, the thrust strength and speed of a lightsaber are unlikely to be adequate to incapacitate an attacker. Star Wars fans interested in taking the next step towards owning a lightsaber, and who can handle potential combat injuries and risking security cameras, we have the details below about the unlimited uses and benefits of owning a good lightsaber:

Light Dispersal

No lighters. No matches. No flammable liquids. A saber is a light source. On some Star Wars “lightsaber” weapons, its blade and handle are battery operated, but more commonly, it is a single-use, electronic discharge tool. Lightsabers have no moving parts, so it can’t get hot, rust or break. The light dispersion of a lightsaber blade may make a bad guy think twice before throwing a punch.

Safeguard Computer Systems

Wielding a lightsaber, your staff or pistol becomes a mini security camera. A lightsaber blade is visible to the eye from any angle, so it can be used as a physical deterrent to an assailant. As an added bonus, the saber’s small size makes it very small and inconspicuous in a handbag or briefcase. In fact, in The Phantom Menace, Jar Binks was seen holding a light saber in his handbag when he was arrested. A saber has the potential to detect a hidden camera or monitor.

Reduce Muscle Pain and Injury

Though the average line-of-sight time for a security officer using a rifle, beanbag, flashlight, or handgun is two to five seconds, a saber can deliver the same amount of light in one second as what it would take to read a newspaper. One of the biggest drawbacks of fighting with pepper spray or a Taser is that the pain from the application of the weapon is so intense that a fight often becomes a nasty altercation instead of the close-quarter combat it was supposed to be. By using a saber or equivalent, the user would not have to endure such intense pain. The user would experience less trauma to the hand, face and legs.

Carry a Nontoxic weapon

All light weapons (lightsabers, wands) come with small battery packs, and all light weapons do not have ammunition cartridges. A true light saber has a rechargeable battery, and no shells. By using the saber to fight an assailant, a suspect could be incapacitated without injury. You could possibly stun the assailant without killing or maiming him. Lightsaber has proved itself as an advanced and distinct weapon. 

Fast Power Delivery

Stun weapons such as Tasers rely on batteries that can only deliver about one volt. One volt will not incapacitate a human, but the amount of current delivered by a lightsaber can charge a unit to over 1,000 volts. A warded saber can deliver three to five kilovolts. As a result, a “champion warded” Sith will be impossible to resist and may only be stopped by the Jedi’s Force.

No Operating Manuals

The Star Wars universe is filled with simple, untraceable weapons like shock pistols and stun devices that also could be used as utility sabers. No special training is necessary, as you can handle a light saber as a Jedi master. You could also choose to use a light saber with the pre-school toy Jedi Training Academy.

Shaping of the Force

Star Wars lightsaber blade tip shapes such as a lightning bolt and a Dothraki war axe offer a weapon for a Sith, and according to legend, the Jedi became so adept at using a lightsaber, they only have to think about it to use it. A lightsaber can be used to create a protective force shield. This phenomenon is shown on the Star Wars character Hondo Ohnaka, a Chewbacca-like Wookiee. It is suggested that the early Jedi used this to protect the temple.

Force Projection

A saber can deliver a concentrated beam of plasma in one direction that can cause an obstruction in space. A lightsaber wielder can be ordered to target a particular area, such as a door or window. A lightsaber wielder can practice projection effects with a little practice. According to Ron D. Campbell, a Star Wars fan and veteran of the US Air Force, “I know people who have successfully used a lightsaber on objects and walls to practice their lightsaber attacks.”


A saber, or lightsaber, is an advanced weapon that is not easily used in the battlefield, but it can be effective in self-defense. It can disorient the user and greatly increase the power and distance of a lightsaber strike. More importantly, the saber’s edge, or sheath, will cut the doors and the attackers too. Its uses are so wide and it is beneficial in many ways.