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If You Love To Wear Stylish And Comfortable Clothes, Read Further


Sitting and working from home and spending long hours at home, we all want to feel ease in the work we do, and it is not possible until we wear comfortable clothes and if it comes to comfortable clothes for men, then we would love to describe men’s boxers, let us first know how this concept came into existence, made of absolute cotton they were earlier used to be worn by men as an innerwear, and looked similar to their briefs but undoubtedly they have always been men’s favourite nightwear from over a long time. Before we know more about it, let us first take a look at another most comfortable wear for men.

Men’s pajamas, other comfy mens wear, they have always been a topmost choice among clothing wear for men, they are loose fitted, have comfortable fabric and give full coverage to your legs and so men love to wear them, besides this, they offer you worry-free nights and help you keep cool during summers because of its comfortable designs and fabrics. You can find them as plain, prints such as checks, lining, or some other patch prints and so they have versatality in their designs and patterns.

Mens Boxers as a fashion statement:-

As we have already told, they were for a long time worn as nightwear, but nowadays you can find them in such designs that they are widely accepted by men as public wear. So here are some of their different types which are cool and if you want to buy them, then you can shop the exact from bewakoof.com, let’s start

  • Jet Black plain Boxers-  Plain items always look elegant, and so you can wear it with a plain t-shirt of any colour such as white, grey, green or blue, and so on and since they are plain then you can go for printed t-shirts too, some other colours among these varieties of plain boxers are Merlin Blue and Red Passion, this styling idea will look good when you wear it as gym wear, or while jogging or morning walk,
  • All-Over Printed Boxers- There is a huge variety among them so we can only list a few, and they are Constellation AOP boxers, Whats Down White Coding Boxers, Beer Bewer all over printed boxers, and many others, although printed mens boxers will look good on all types of t-shirts,  suggestively we would recommend you to wear them with plain t-shirts, You can wear them while for a walk in the markets or while hanging out with your squad,
  • Boxers and shirts- They are an amazing pair, many of you might have not tried this idea, so this time when you step out on a sunny day then you can try wearing boxer with a shirt, actually a half sleeve shirt to give a summer look, we guarantee you that you would love this look.

Some other online shopping applications that can offer you different varieties of boxers are Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon et cetera.

Some points to remember while buying men’s pyjamas that you should  consider are:-

  • Plain Pyjamas- There are some colours of plain pyjamas that have place in every man’s closet, such as black, navy or dark blue and grey, no matter at what for doing what so ever day to day activity you wear it they have their charm and besides this are super comfortable, you can wear it with a t-shirt or sando west,
  • Printed Pyjamas- As compared to plain pyjamas, printed pyjamas look much better only as a nightwear, but still there’s no flaw if you wear it in day time for daily chores.

There is a wide range of both men’s pyjamas and boxers that you can easily buy, but some recommended online shopping applications are Bewakoof.com, Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, et cetera that offers you a great deal to buy them and as we have mentioned earlier about the varieties of boxers that you can find on bewakoof.com, the same way you can find a very cool variety of pyjamas on it. So now we can conclude that both the items of discussion are amazing and comfortable wear for the night, but by styling them differently you can get a unique look, so hurry up and buy them to be the one updated with the ongoing trend. We assure you that you will not be disappointed to buy any of them.