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Illegal Gambling in China: The Risks of Playing at a Chinese Casino Online


Today, Chinese citizens are taking more and more gambling trips overseas to experience the thrill of Las Vegas without leaving the country. However, these trips are technically illegal under Chinese law and can lead to major trouble with the Chinese government, including jail time and fines. This article will cover everything you need to know about Chinese gambling laws as well as the risks of playing at an Chinese casino online, both from within China and outside of it.

What are the penalties for playing casino games in China?

Players caught playing casino games online by mainland authorities face fines and confiscation of property. However, there are several levels of punishment, depending on how much they’ve won while gambling. On average, first-time offenders receive punishments that amount to about 40% of their total winnings from online gambling. Repeat offenders may be subject to stricter punishment.

 Illegal gamblers face up to two years in prison if convicted for illegally gambling online with Chinese money as well as huge fines and confiscation of property (including computers).

What are the risks of travelling abroad to gamble?

I wouldn’t recommend gambling overseas, particularly if you live in China. Firstly, it is illegal for Chinese citizens to gamble online. Although there has been an increase of people travelling to nearby Asian countries such as Macau and South Korea to play casino games since they are still pretty cheap compared to their counterparts overseas.

What if you visit Australia or Canada and stay beyond your visa date?

If you travel overseas from Canada or Australia and overstay your visa date, there are consequences for doing so. Visa overstays are often accompanied by other immigration violations, including working without permission and staying beyond your allowed stay period. Depending on how long you’ve stayed beyond your visa and whether or not you have any other immigration violations on your record, it is possible to be banned from entering either country for up to five years. The following tips will help reduce these risks.

Why do people gamble illegally?

In order to understand why people gamble illegally, we need to look at what is considered legal in China. While betting on some sports, including horse racing and soccer, is legal for citizens within China, everything else is strictly prohibited. This includes casino games, online gambling, and lotteries.

Is it safe?

There are some very real risks associated with gambling overseas, including legal risks. If you’re looking to have fun playing poker or craps online from China, there’s a chance you could be committing illegal activities. While some casinos will let you play for free, it’s likely that at some point you will have to deposit real money—and it’s difficult to know if your transactions are entirely safe or if your data is being monitored by governments.

What are some ways you can gamble safely within China?

In China, you’re free to gamble so long as it’s done legally. Here are some ways to ensure that you stay safe while gambling in China. 

1) Be aware of what forms of gambling are legal and what forms are illegal under Chinese law. 

2) Make sure you don’t cross the border with your winnings, which is against the law if they exceed $10,000 US dollars.

Why do people say you can’t find trustworthy information about this topic?

Because online gambling is still illegal, there isn’t much information available for users who are trying to figure out if certain casinos are trustworthy. Legal action can and will be taken against both casino owners and customers alike. There isn’t much mainstream information about Chinese online gambling because of these legal risks, but some websites like https://www.playcasino18.com/ have found ways to gather data on what casinos are trustworthy (or not).