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Image Clipping Path

Image Clipping Path

In the world of e-commerce where you are trying your best to make your product, site, or app to stand out, be unique, and look attractive, every small improvement in images is equally important, and one of the most popular techniques is used to make image isolate from the background is Image Clipping Service or simply known as Clipping Path. This technique is implemented with the help of Photoshop to bring out the symmetrical look of the subject images, however, it must be done with lots of skill otherwise the effect can look bad. At Accel BPO, we provide excellent clipping path services with the help of our trained professionals at affordable prices. Our teams have experience of several years of serving clients not only from India but also from the USA, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Italy, and Australia. Let us understand further about the clipping path and our services ahead.

What is an image clipping service?

Image clipping is a widely used technique of Photoshop, which is put into use with the help of Pen Tool to remove background or isolate the image from the background. Clipping path is generally used by Photoshop professionals when the subject in the image has sharp, smooth edges and these edges make the clipped image remain straight. This is just a general description of image clipping path as there are lots of other techniques like Silo, image masking, symmetrical background removal, Deep Etch, cut image out of background, Clipping paths, and many more put into practice to bring desired results in complex images as per clients requirement. There are 3 types of Photoshop clipping service are put into use as per the image by the Accel BPO professionals:

Simple Image clipping path Technique

In the case where a subject in the image has straight edges, or with no inners then our professional use simple Photoshop clipping path technique to remove background and bring the subject smooth symmetrical shape on the edited image that looks real and natural even if the visitor to your site is looking at your image by zooming in by over 200%. In case of an image with the subject having fine lines and details, image masking with help of tools like Background Eraser, Magic Eraser, and color separation are put into use by our professional to bring the desired results as per the clients’ requirements.

Complex Clipping Path Technique

Whenever our clients require image clipping services to be performed on images that have multiple curves, holes, edges, and uneven surfaces, then our professionals perform complex image clipping path techniques to bring out the best results. Normally, images of bikes, vehicles, jewelry, and flowers, etc require such technique, Complex clipping path can be time-consuming since professionals need to be extra careful to remove background from image with the help of Photoshop masking service. If not performed with great precision, then the cut image out of background can look uneven and unsymmetrical, however, with the experience of our experience and trained teams you will always get the best image clipping service results on your images.

Multiple Clipping Paths Technique

One of the most laborious but the most popular and essential technique to use in image editing is multiple image clipping path service in which different parts of the image are selected separately to take the background out of picture and detailed editing is performed on it as per the client requirements like retouching, re-coloring, resizing, and changing or replacing any portion of the image, etc. It is also known as ‘Multi Path.’

Multiple clipping path is very useful in many cases, such as where you need to manipulate a complex object such as jewelry or you want to merge different images by selecting different parts of the images or where photo background removal is needed for images with multiple subjects.

At Accel BPO, the above techniques are excelled by our Photoshop clipping service professionals to bring out the best results. We provide a range of Image Clipping Path services to do many tasks such as photo cut out, cut out image, object removal from photo, Silo, object removal from photo, Deep Etch, remove the background, and many more with the help of seasoned experience editors working 24*7 to serve you with utmost professionals.


 Image Clipping PathWhy Choose Accel BPO For Image Clipping Service

In the e-commerce industry, images are essential for success and since photographers clicked are never perfect for e-commerce product displays, thus, it is very important to hire professional service to edit images to bring out desired symmetry, smoothness, coloring, details, and uniqueness. The Accel Bpo has been providing the best clipping path and other photo editing services since 2012. Accel Bpo’s parent company is Visual Stocks Pvt Ltd and the advantages of availing the image clipping services are:


  • Clients can utilize free trial
  • There is no need for advance payment.
  • Different TAT as per the different requirements of the client like 6 hours, 12hours ad 24 hours.
  • High-end quality is always delivered and present of 24*7 customer service.
  • Bulk Orders are entertained with the option for monthly billing and highly affordable rates are some of the best benefits for using The Accel Bpo.


Accel Bpo is a hub for many services and the clipping path is the premier service on offer for our clients. We would love to serve you with sincerity, and honesty. You can reach us by clicking here.