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Important Things to be Done As an Influencer on YouTube


The main quality that differentiates YouTube from the other video streaming platforms is the sheer amount of great content available on the website. No other platform has the scope of having so many creators working day and night with the aim of putting even better content across. There are various things that you should do which would help you in gaining more popularity as an influencer on YouTube. These things are observations by YouTube experts and would definitely prove to be useful for those who want to become influencers on the platform.

What are the things which are important to do as an influencer on YouTube?

  • Quality of videos – The quality of content that you post on YouTube is extremely important as an influencer. You should always post videos with good content which is relevant and easily presented. A content which could be easily understood by the masses would be viewed and circulated more by the audience and hence increase your position as an influencer on YouTube. You should always spend some time on how well you could present your content so that it is easily understood by most people.
  • Frequency of uploading videos – You should also pay close attention on the timing of uploading new videos. There should be a regularity about it. It could be once a week, or twice a day, the day and time of upload should be more or less same. This is because the audience get used to the uploading patterns easily and generally wait for the uploading of videos. In addition, posting videos on regular intervals helps with the algorithms of YouTube which help in the circulation of the video and its appearance in search results.
  • Language of the videos – The language in which you present your content is also significant. You should choose to use such a language which is more relevant to the audience you are targeting with your videos. For instance, if you are posting a video about something related to the people of rural India, it would be helpful if you make the video in Hindi instead of English. This is because a large number of the target audience is not fluent with English and might not find the video useful irrespective of its content.
  • Audio and visuals – You should slowly start giving more importance to how your video looks and sounds. You should invest some money on a good camera and some audio equipment. This would make your video look and feel far better than what it generally would have been. You should put in some visual effects in addition to the high definition video quality so that your video is elevated to the next level.
  • Interacting with the audience – One of the main tasks as an influencer on YouTube is to interact with the viewers. The comment section of your videos is a great place to respond to the opinions and suggestions of the viewers. You could also host some live sessions where you could respond to the questions of the viewers in real time. When the viewers feel that you are paying attention to what they feel and say, they would be more interested in being your follower.


The above mentioned points  would help an influencer on YouTube increase his or her reach and therefore increase the number of people he or she would be able to influence. Viewers today are really smart and have a lot of options. If an influencer fails to provide the viewers with quality content, there is a strong possibility that the viewers would shift to consuming content from some other influencer. Therefore, no influencer should take his or her position for granted and keep working on improving the content he or she offers.