Improve Healthcare Quality With A Hospital Asset Management Software Solution

The quality of patient care in hospitals closely tie in with how well its assets are managed. The resources within the clinical premise must be tracked and maintained for cost-effectiveness and reliability. The best way … Read More

The quality of patient care in hospitals closely tie in with how well its assets are managed. The resources within the clinical premise must be tracked and maintained for cost-effectiveness and reliability. The best way to do that is with a healthcare asset management software solution. 

What is hospital asset management?

Hospitals harbor a wide range of assets to efficiently carry out day-to-day activities. Assets involve physical assets, software assets, equipment, and machinery. They incur a broad range of costs. Hospital asset management refers to the practice of tracking, maintaining, and managing assets to curtail costs, enhance asset lifespan and increase returns on investments. 


Hospital asset management software solutions are sound tools for overseeing various aspects of hospital resources. Unlike spreadsheet software, these solutions have a ton of features that are automation-enabled. They give you complete control of your assets from a single software application. Furthermore, they help you transform your healthcare operations in no time.

What you can do with a hospital asset management software solution

Track hospital assets

The first and foremost step in managing hospital assets is to compile a comprehensive list of all the assets on-premise. It must have details such as when the assets were purchased, what their brand names are, and their purchase costs. After that, the details of the assets require constant updating. Because assets change places, undergo replacements, and more.


Hospital asset management software solutions automatically detect assets in the hospital. Simultaneously, they also track the whereabouts and conditions of assets. The software solutions efficiently carry out these operations using tracking device integrations. They include barcode scanners, GPS, NFC, and RFID. With this cutting-edge feature, you can instantly and accurately track assets in real-time.

Maintain assets

In a high-intensity industry like healthcare, it is crucial to ensure that all the assets within the hospital are working. Damaged assets may put the health of patients at high risks. For this reason, maintenance is key in making sure the healthcare assets are reliable. The best solution for that is to devise an effective asset maintenance program.


Hospital asset tracking solutions allow you to create custom maintenance plans for every asset in your inventory. It results in preventative maintenance. It means that you will be able to detect and fix asset issues even before they occur. In addition to that, the software solutions also automatically log the details of completed service tasks.

Manage hospital facilities

Hospitals have a wide range of facility assets. They require proper management to prevent conflicts. Hospital facility assets include parking spaces, rooms, and beds. By managing such assets, patients can efficiently avail of those facilities. The best way to oversee this is to use a healthcare asset management software solution.


With a dedicated hospital asset management solution, you can see what facilities are in use, booked for the near future and which ones are vacant. This enables you to allocate facilities for incoming patients instantly and accurately. 

Forecast financial expenditure

It costs a lot of money to acquire hospital assets. Operating and managing them incurs a lot of costs as well. To ensure smooth asset performance, it is important to allocate an adequate budget for asset purchases, operations, and management. This should be done even before purchasing the asset.


Hospital asset management software solutions help you take several financial aspects of assets into account. The software solutions consolidate information based on the number of assets you want to acquire, and the maintenance costs they will entail. Then, they suggest an asset management budget.

Gain asset insights

As you track, maintain, and manage hospital assets, you will be accumulating a wealth of raw asset-related data. This data contains insights that can reveal more efficient management opportunities and how your assets are performing. To view them, you will need to assimilate and process asset information such as costs and utilization. 


Instead of generating insightful reports manually, you can use a healthcare asset tracking solution. It can autonomously comb through the data in its database, consolidate and extrapolate them into comprehensive analytics. They will show you what assets are in frequent use, what assets cost the most to maintain, and more. Using this information, you can optimize your hospital asset management strategy.


Good hospital asset management underpins good patient healthcare. And the best way to improve healthcare quality is to make sure your assets are well maintained and managed. If you’re looking for a world-class hospital asset management software solution, then I highly recommend SmartAMS. 


It is a cutting-edge software solution that contains the latest features. It is cloud-based, available as a mobile app, has ample integration capabilities, and is easy to use. Transform your healthcare operations by investing in a hospitality asset tracking solution. Visit SmartAMS’s website to book a live demo today.


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