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Installing a Video Intercom System



Commercial video intercom systems offer the convenience of video and audio communication for your staff and you to aid you in workplace communication. With a commercial video intercom system you are able to connect directly to a central location of command within your workplace, apartment, hotel room or garage. You are able to use a video intercom without having a live person on the other end. Most companies that install commercial video intercoms find that their employees appreciate these types of systems, which leads them to installing more than one.

There are many advantages to installing a video intercom system in commercial buildings. In offices, these systems allow you to communicate with your staff at any time during the day. You can easily see who is outside your building, allowing you to identify “odd parking” or other problems before they become serious problems. When guests arrive at your building they can be identified as well. You can also monitor tenants to make sure they are doing what you want them to do, such as not loitering around after hours or disturbing other tenants.

Commercial buildings vary in size, and this makes it difficult to accommodate an in-house system. If you decide to install a video intercom system in your office building, you might need to install a wall mount unit, which will require additional electrical wiring and possible modification of the building’s electrical system. Your first consideration should be how much square footage you need to cover, since each individual video intercom system may be somewhat different.

You also have the choice between purchasing separate components or incorporating a base station hardware package into the video intercom system you choose. Base station hardware packages include the necessary wires and outlets. They also include a built-in power supply for the convenience of keeping multiple outlets available. Some base station hardware packages also have a built-in AM/FM radio, so you’ll be able to connect the system to your personal music device or to a larger speakers if you choose.

A video intercom system will provide improved communication and interactions between you and your front door visitors or employees. You’ll be able to answer calls from various locations in the building and see who’s calling using the new video interface control interface system. You’ll be able to control and view video monitors from various locations in the building with ease. These video intercoms can also be used to monitor your in-house property from the property itself.

You can also use your new video intercom system to increase security and monitoring around your premises. Most video intercoms are set up to transmit a wireless signal wherever the user is in range. This means that anyone within a one hundred meter radius of the user can view their video calling endeavors. With older intercom systems this signal could be blocked by walls or other obstacles. With the latest video calling features integrated into your package, there’s no reason why you can’t make great use of this technology to protect your home or business.

In addition to controlling the video from different locations in the building, you’ll find that video intercoms are also perfect for access control. If you allow your front door to be wide open for visitors, you can never be sure who will get through – you might have an unexpected guest arrives! Or perhaps you won’t allow visitors to enter after hours – you don’t want to be keeping track of the people who show up late for work! With the convenience offered by video intercoms you’ll never have to worry about missing anyone who wants to enter your home – you’ll always know who’s there, and you can make contact with them without ever opening your front door.

Installing a video intercom system to your home or business is very simple, and a great first step in providing enhanced security to your home or business. You’ll find that it’s very easy to install a commercial video intercom security system – just consult with the installer to make sure that your wiring is suitable, and then follow the instructions they provide. They will be able to properly install your wiring, and even ensure that your video intercom system has been setup to the fullest extent possible. Once you’ve installed your system and hooked it up, you’ll find that it adds a great new element to your home or business, as well as making it easier for you to effectively manage your household, and your work.