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Interesting Facts to know before picking an Electric Shaver

electric shavers in india
electric shavers in india

Some men like clean shave and rest feel good in a little trimmed and properly shaped bearded look. However, choosing the right best electric shaver for men is very important to complete the job. We will discuss some of the significant facts to pick the right electric shaver through this blog, which makes it easier for you.

Do you look for a smooth, clean shave? Picking up the best electric shaver will help you to get the desired face look as per your demand. Still, we need to remind some of the things before selecting the best possible electric shaver.

electric shavers in india
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Variants of Electric Shavers

There are currently two board type electric shavers in india available in the market, one is rotary, and the second is foil shavers.  Rotary shavers also come in various variants as per the rotating cutting heads; they are generally available in two and three cutting-head specifications. These shavers use the advanced mechanism and cut hairs by elevating on the skin and giving the proper close shave. While selecting, we must pick the rotary shaver which accurate contours your face as well as neck having appropriate shaving heads.

On the other side, Foil shavers use cutting blades which generally placed back of the metal foils. Foils shavers have holes to protect the skin while shaving, once the hairs come in these holes, these are easily cut through these blades.


It is essential particularly for those who travel a lot while picking the electric shavers to have good battery backup. The best available electric shavers in the market come with rechargeable batteries options as per the user demand. Good battery backup lasts from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the price of the product.


Electric shavers must work for a wet and dry shave as per the user need. It has to be that much flexible so that you can shave in the shower.


Nowadays, there is also various sort of electric shavers available that dispense moisturizer while shaving. It is hard to believe, but it’s true. Every man wants clean and smooth shave, so picking an electric shaver that moisturizes your skin is also a good option.