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Internet Download Manager – Features You May Not Need

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Internet Download Manager is also known as IE Booster and is a freeware application, formerly known as Internet Explorer Booster, which is part of the ActiveX control panel family. Internet Download Manager is an excellent shareware download manager operated by American business Tonec, Inc. that is based in New York City, USA. It’s only intended for the Microsoft Windows 2021 operating system. It has been designed by a few smart people who have spent months trying to make Internet Downlaod Manager as good as possible.


Internet Download Manager is not like other download managers in that it is designed to automatically install all the needed software programs that are required for the operation of your PC. It does this by itself, without you having to lift a finger or click one single button. Just like all the other Download Managers, it will scan the entire hard drive and then install the missing files it finds. This is done in a matter of minutes.


Internet Download Manager works just like the other Download Managers that you’ve seen over the years. The main screen shows a list of all the programs that are missing from your computer and you can click on each program to download it for free. You can, however, manually select the programs that are missing. Internet Download Manager doesn’t require installation. It runs immediately upon installation.

Easy To Use Interface

The Interface is very easy to use and is fairly standard. There are three main buttons – Start, Options and Control Panel. The Start button will open the main menu with all the programs and add/remove programs that you currently have installed. The Options button will open the Control Panel which will display the different options that are available to you on the General tab.

Efficient & Most Useful Features

Internet Download Manager has been designed to be very efficient and has many useful features. First, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to add a particular program or even being unable to remove some of them. Internet Download Manager scans your computer for any missing programs and submits the results for you. It then walks you through the submittal process by showing you how to install the programs that you want. This saves you time and also ensures that you always have an up to date list of all the software programs on your computer.

Set a Schedule

You can also set a schedule for when your download manager scans your computer for new downloads. This will automatically occur every day at a specific time. The program also lets you know when certain programs on your system might not be compatible with the internet connection that you have. It also checks for viruses before it starts up your download, making it safe to use.

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Safe Mode Feature

Another major feature of Internet Download Manager is the Safe Mode feature. What this does is allow you to browse the internet using safety settings and only being allowed to use the internet in safe browsing tools. This makes browsing the internet without any viruses or malware a lot more secure. Internet Download Manager also has a built in Internet Blocker that helps to protect your computer from viruses and other harmful programs while it is being downloaded. This can be turned on and off as needed, making Internet Download Manager as customizable as you like.

Final Words

All these features make Internet Download Manager a great program for anyone who uses a computer. It streamlines the download process, which cuts down on wasted bandwidth and also saves you money by not having to purchase extra programs during the download. There are a number of different download managers available, so it is important that you do your research to find one that suits your needs. Some features may be of interest to you, but IDM Crack will most certainly be the best one for you.