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Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO???

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Business owners in New Jersey invest in marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness, attract more customers, and increase revenue. Many have relied on low-cost traditional marketing strategies like local business listings, ads on diner placemats, or local mailings for years. Some still use these conventional marketing methods, but as more people increase their internet usage, others have resorted to digital marketing campaigns like search engine optimization or SEO.

Unlike traditional advertising that brings the brand to several people who might not even be interested in what the company offers, SEO works by attracting customers who are already looking for what the business has. An SEO online marketing strategy optimizes a website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google or Bing, making it easier for potential buyers to find it.

Most modern consumers rely heavily on these search engines to quickly look for their needed goods and services. Moreover, they rarely navigate beyond the first few pages of SERPs as the answer to their search query is likely to be found among the top results.

Apart from improving a website’s online visibility, SEO optimizes its aesthetics and functionality for a pleasant user experience. When a website meets what modern consumers want, it encourages visitors to take an action the website intends them to, such as making a purchase, subscribing to newsletters, and others. If entrepreneurs want to harness this digital marketing technique, they need to work with a reputable NJ SEO company.

Still, even with the advantages of SEO, many business owners often get intimidated by its costs, leading them to question if it is indeed a worthy investment. If entrepreneurs need more convincing on why SEO is worth a try, the following infographic from Landau Consulting humorously expounds many other benefits it can bring to a business.


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