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Is coaching overrated for JEE/NEET Preparation, or does it actually play an important role?

JEE/NEET Preparation

I believe coaching plays an essential role in JEE and NEET preparation. In every corner of the globe and every period, expert training has always been the backbone of a prosperous civilization. Every element of life requires coaching so that we may learn from the experiences of those who have dedicated their lives to a particular field.

One of the key components missing from our educational system, along with the capacity to manage competition with ease, is the development of the thinking process and mentality. Above all, every topic requires clarification, knowledge, and understanding of essential concepts.

An engineering student, for instance, should have a firm grasp of scientific concepts, as well as excellent arithmetic and problem-solving skills, so that he or she may create for society and improve people’s lives. Similarly, a medical science student should be able to make quick judgments and understand the principles of science in order to save lives in the future.

With professional coaching and mentorship, the gap between schooling and competitive tests may be overcome. With increased competition and more individuals opting for these types of examinations, awareness of the importance of appropriate training and professional supervision has risen considerably. More individuals are ready to invest in education for a brighter future, and they are following trends that emphasize interpersonal skills, technological progress for a more agile workplace, and more emphasis on the capacity to produce quantitative outcomes.

The methodology and pedagogy for both examinations (board and JEE/NEET) are distinct, despite the fact that they are both based on the same syllabus. As a result, stronger direction and mentorship are required. This advice may be obtained from anyone in your family or circle of acquaintances who have just passed this test.

However, if adequate advice is not accessible, a prospective candidate must seek out a competent coaching school with a proven track record, where professors are knowledgeable and correctly prepare a candidate using a series of tests that are similar to the examinations. Another major reason contributing to the demand for additional coaching sessions is the fact that most parents nowadays work and find it difficult to assist their children with preparations.

Coaching for advanced entrance exams is important because it provides complete guidance and support to students until they achieve their goals. Coaching for entrance exams also helps students prepare for their board exams and understand concepts properly because this coaching is primarily for the main subjects, which include Chemistry, Physics, as well as Biology/Maths.

I’d also want to emphasize the need for self-study for these competitive examinations. Coaching alone will not get you a decent rank. In addition to offline coaching sessions, many students currently opt to prepare for these examinations using online learning platforms, which is not only cost-effective but also time-efficient.

Here are some of the self-study tips for JEE and NEET exams:

Make your notes

There is no competition for self-learning in online notes, cheat sheets, lectures, or other kinds of study. This gives you the opportunity to develop your own focus habits, read information, infer, and take notes. This preparation is beneficial for the controlled learning behaviour necessary for medical school. As a result, make your own notes.

Use internet resources to your advantage

There are a number of free websites that provide lectures and videos that will address all of your queries. YouTube is flooded with videos of fascinating talks, many of which contain animations that make learning more pleasurable. So, don’t waste money by enrolling in coaching schools, and don’t be shocked if everyone else is. The merit of the student, not the coaching institutes, determines whether or not they pass prestigious examinations such as NEET. As a consequence, you should save your money!

Join a test series

A test series helps you to establish a comfort level and do well in an exam. It simulates the environment of an examination hall and educates the mind to be active rather than passive. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THE GREED OF MALPRACTICE, NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT THE EXAMINATION! You may score well, but it is a score you do not deserve, and it constantly stymies your self-development. So, take these practice exams carefully.

Ncert books are wonderful

Regardless of what snide remarks you hear from many professors at reputable coaching schools, do not dismiss the merit of NCERT books. These books clarify the essential ideas. So, take these books seriously first, and then get more books/ebooks. Keep these books as your starting point for learning.

Attempt previous year question papers

The difficulty standard of NEET remains the same every year. Thus, attempting previous year’s question papers in the given time span will help you judge your preparedness level. Get into a habit of reviewing your mistakes after attempting the test. It will help you iron out your grey areas.