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Is it convenient to insure my mobile phone?


Is it convenient to insure my mobile phone? Surely you have asked yourself this question every time you buy a new mobile, well, there is no conclusive answer, it will always be a depends . It depends on the mobile and the insurance you are thinking about. There are many different damages that our phone can suffer. Then we leave you what would be some of them and how much it would cost us to insure our mobile depending on its price. 

Main damages that my mobile can suffer

The most common breakages in mobile phones are damages related to the breaking of the screen or battery failures, but we can also find others such as oxidation due to humidity or problems with the speaker. 

My mobile screen has broken

It is normal that this is the most common problem since we spend practically 24 hours a day glued to our phone and it is very possible that in an oversight we fall to the ground and break the screen. What’s more, 86.80% of the times that we have a mobile phone repaired is due to a break in the screen. Keep in mind that not all breaks are the same since the screen has several layers. 

  • If the screen breaks, but the image and the touch works well , the protection layer will simply have been broken
  • If the touch does not work , but the screen looks good, you will need to change the glass
  • If the screen is not visible, what will have been broken is the LCD screen

This is the most common problem and the one that brings us the most, that is why it is necessary that we use a protective sheet (tempered glass, gel …) to protect the screen from possible falls, as well as it is important to carry the mobile protected with a cover and always leave it on flat surfaces. In this way, we will avoid further damage. 

The mobile battery is working badly for me

The second reason that makes us take to repair our mobile is the battery. It may be discharging very soon, and this may be due to a battery failure or simply the life of the battery is nearing the end of its life. It is also possible that we have bad habits that must be controlled since they will make the battery work worse and worse, such as: 

  • Leave the mobile charging overnight or if it has already reached 100% 
  • Put the mobile to charge when it is still at 70% 
  • Use the mobile while it is charging 
  • Charge the mobile with an unofficial charger

The 1.7% of breakdowns in the mobile is due to battery failure. 

My mobile got wet

Another of the most common problems is the oxidation of the mobile, that is, it has gotten wet. Oxidation is always due to contact with liquids. If our mobile gets wet, the truth is that there is little we can do since the liquid affects the software very quickly. The 1.5% of damage to the mobile , is that our mobile is wet.

Is it convenient to insure my mobile phone? 

Many times we tend to think that home insurance will cover damage to our mobile phone, but this is not the case, since in home insurance there is no coverage that indicates such a thing unless we have contracted additional coverage in the that it is explicitly stated.

Another fault in which we fall is in thinking that the civil liability insurance will cover the damage caused to our mobile, but nothing to do with it. Civil liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties. For example, if we leave the tap running and wet the neighbor below, he will be covered. Or if there are children at home and some friends come and accidentally break the mobile of our guests, it will be covered but ours, not .  

Then it is time to ask ourselves the eternal question, do I purchase insurance for my mobile phone? This is a question that each of us must answer according to our own interests. It is true that it is more difficult for us to decide whether to insure the mobile phone than to take out home insurance, which in many cases is not necessary, but it comes in handy when we have to give a report for a small incident. The same can happen with our mobile. But there are some aspects to take into account when hiring mobile insurance

  • Assess the price of mobile insurance compared to the value of our phone. 
  • Know the coverage of the possible insurance, since there are some that only cover accidental breakdowns and others, on the other hand, also cover robbery or theft.
  • Know how the payment of the policy will be, annual, monthly … whether or not it has a franchise …
  • Have an approximation of what it can cost to fix a damage to our phone. For example, the breakage of the glass on the screen of an iPhone X has a cost of about € 300, does insurance compensate us for which we pay € 15 per month?