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Is Micro-Video Marketing Ready To Take Over?

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Isn’t it strange how internet marketing was just a sprouting plant that emerged a few years back, and now there are several different branches under that particular gigantic tree? There was a time when no one even thought about using something as commonly used as Facebook as a marketplace, and now, the developers have created a separate section on it named “the marketplace!. It is so great to see that in order to present your ideas, your products, your services, you do not need billboards to advertise, simple social media posts can be one of your biggest assets. But all of these has become ancient history now as we have been rapidly moving towards new ways of marketing, and in this race, micro-video platforms have emerged as a golden opportunity for all the content creators as well as marketers. Tik-Tok being the first and most impactful platform that started the revolution. While the world was struggling with low engagement on their posts and stories, these 15-sec mini clips turned the tables drastically in the favor of all the marketers. In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about micro-videos strategy, What is it? How is it taking over the marketplace? And the most important of them all, are you ready for this revolution? So make sure you read it till the end. 

What is the Concept Behind Micro-Videos?

Firstly let’s try to debunk the logic behind this approach, what is it and how does it work so well. For this, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of the “attention span” of a normal human being. According to a study of human behavior, attention span refers to the amount of time a human being can focus or stay attentive without deviating. Now with the increase in the availability of content on various platforms, it is really difficult to keep a user engaged for a longer period. One of the biggest examples can be the 1-2 min commercial ads that have less retention rate than the ones shorter in length. A normal Facebook and Instagram post lie on the user feed, and looking at the number of memes and posts from their loved ones, the retention of those posts becomes next to zero. 

Another case is with long-format content. People need something that strikes their mind from the very first interaction and long-format content such as a video, a podcast, etc. needs to build up a narrative which takes time. Micro-videos, on the other hand, solve both the problems as they have a completely different approach. If you look at its implementation in all the apps, they have a dedicated section in which a user can keep scrolling for new videos. Now that is also what makes the difference. If you have someone in that section of their feed, they are bound to look at those videos and since these are micro-videos that are 15 – 30 seconds in duration, the attention span requires is much much lesser. You can think of it as a difference between hearing and reading, while reading a document takes attention, you need to apply less effort in hearing things. 

The entire concept of micro-videos is based on the decreasing attention span of human beings, and if you ask me, it is a great strategy. If you ask a man for 2 minutes of his time, he might quit, but at the same time, 15 seconds is nothing for him. All you have to do is tell the entire story that takes 2 minutes into those 15 seconds! Every capitalist is turning towards this marketing strategy and it is great to see how people are adapting to new trends before they even get popular. Micro-videos are surely the future of content marketing. 

How Your Brand Can Make the Most Out of Micro-Video Marketing?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself is will you be able to adapt to this new change? Sure, the other marketing strategies are not dead and can yield similar results but then again, what is the loss in trying? Small micro-videos require lower production quality and the best part is that there are so many trends to hop on. Millions of people use Instagram, Tik-Tok, and YouTube so there is no targeting issue as you already have a ready audience munching on content. You just need to brainstorm about how you can place your product, service, or call to action in them. Especially if you are in show business, micro-videos can really turn your next album into platinum! This has already been proven by a lot of trends, remember the Kiki challenge on Tik-Tok?, that single challenge pushed that video song to a whopping 240 million views alone on YouTube and the surprising thing about that is the channel only has 1.5 million subscribers! Yes, that is how strongly these things work. 

You need strategies, just like any other campaign and you too can capitalize on these trends and hashtags. There is no such thing as product-oriented content, all you need to do is hop on these hashtags and place your product in the video. Sure you can use reels and shorts to make your product appear relevant but the algorithm has some serious limitations on promoting such videos.  

All in all the answer is simple, YES, every product, every service can make the most out of these micro-videos, and with the biggest platforms such as Google, Facebook, creating a platform for you to connect with a huge audience, scouring for an audience is not a task anymore. 

The Final Verdict 

It is obvious that micro-videos have already taken over the way people absorb content online and this certainly presents a threat to the traditional marketing practices as it offers great retention, low inputs, and high outputs. The only thing that can be termed as the limitation is the fact that understanding the algorithm on which it works is a difficult task. Your business might get great success however if something goes wrong, these short videos might also bring you down. The meme community uses the backfired clips all the time and though every publicity is good publicity, you surely don’t want to end up making a laughingstock of your product or service. 

With great power comes great responsibility and that is the mantra that you need to understand in growth too. The expectations of your consumer increase with the type of content you present and while memes have a great set audience, a luxurious brand would never want to target the same people. All we can agree on is the fact that micro-videos are here to stay and the sooner you find your way with them, the better it will be for you! Hope this post helps you with everything you wanted to know, good luck!

Author’s Bio – Steve is a tech enthusiast and a marketing solutions provider. He likes to stay updated with the happenings of the market and in his free time, he also likes to help students who are pursuing marketing as a career by providing them assignment help UK