Is Online Poker Safe And Free From Cheaters? Here Are All Your Answers!

Poker is the game of money. Some play to earn, some play to have fun. It is also a game of luck. When it comes to poker online, there are various ways in which a … Read More

Poker is the game of money. Some play to earn, some play to have fun. It is also a game of luck. When it comes to poker online, there are various ways in which a person cheats his co-player which can result in loss of money. But since you have no control over someone cheating on you, can you stop this from happening to you? Here are some possible ways in which you can get cheated on, so look for them before the damage happens.


A single-player holds multiple accounts by creating fake ids in a single application to take advantage of the deposit bonuses and play simultaneously in a single room or a tournament. The person playing on the other end thinks that he is playing with a group of different players, without realizing that all the three ids are operated by a single person. This is the most common strategy to cheat online and generate money.


Bots make decisions and actions for the poker player at the table without the consent of the owner, which still, brings them advantages but proves disadvantageous for the players on the other end. The other players remain clueless about the bot that generates rake. Poker rooms have no financial incentive to catch bots and because of that, it becomes difficult to detect the actual number of active players. 


When someone does the skill-based work but gives the credits to someone else in exchange for money is called ghosting. As poker is based on both luck and skills,  players communicate with other people either through mediums like Skype, Hangouts, TeamViewer, or sit along with them. These people guide the players about the moves and help them in cracking the deal. It is strictly against the rules of online poker to seek assistance from someone else during the game. The players playing on the same table can’t report about this because they remain unaware and can’t see whether the player is taking someone’s help or not. 

Account selling

As mentioned above, a single person can make multiple ids and name them differently. This id can be sold later for a sum of money. When a person is done making the number of ids, they illegally sell the account at a heavy loaded price to bet that money on poker. The game of losing and winning requires a regular inflow of money, and to do that people sell their accounts.

Thus, these are the common frauds or crimes conducted online in the game of poker. Fortunately, there are certain measures to prevent it which are as follows:-

  • The mechanism of the online poker platforms examines the entire functioning of the system through which the person is playing, which includes taking screenshots, measuring mouse movements, and examine which programs are running behind.
  • The online poker rooms ask for an ID verification before the game begins, to check whether the person playing is the same or different than the person who registered his name.
  • The online poker game has a security feature present in it that tracks the IP address of the player, which prevents him from playing more than one game at a time
  • The people playing at the same table can keep their data safe because of the features present in it. The information is stored centrally on an online poker server which makes it impossible to access data

You need not worry about your safety as these are some of the in-built features in the platforms of online poker. Once you use the application or website, you will automatically be able to access these features and keep your data safe.

So, people cheat on the internet too, but the right platforms will never disappoint you. To choose the right platform to seek guidance from Norsk casino guide and enjoy your game online.


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