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Is Yoast the Best SEO Plugin? A WordPress SEO Expert Weighs in


SEO is like a buzzword that digital marketers fawn over, even though no one really knows what it means. They say that there are more than 200 ranking signals, making it difficult for even the most experienced digital marketers to track and analyze them all.

That’s one of the reasons that online businesses turn to plugins like Yoast SEO (which is easily integrated with WordPress) to give their online stores’ pages an organic “boost.” With Yoast, you can improve a WordPress website, with the aim of optimizing it to attract more organic traffic.

But is Yoast the best? And more importantly, what are its limits – that is, what can it do, and what can’t it do. Here’s what the WordPress SEO experts at Genius eCommerce (who have been using Yoast for years) have to say.

What Yoast Can Do
What’s great about Yoast is that it’s easy to use. Anyone with a WordPress website can integrate Yoast with the platform in like 5 seconds flat. Once set up, it’s also easy to optimize a website on a page-by-page basis.

Here’s what you can do with Yoast:

● Optimize URL slugs.
● Write and optimize meta descriptions.
● Optimize for text length.
● Optimize for keyword density.
● Optimize for internal and outbound links.
● Scan images for alt text.
● Can create an XML sitemap.

What Yoast really gets high points for is the fact that it’s a really intuitive easy-to-use plugin with a basic interface that even beginners can use. You don’t need to know how to code anything, and the plugin literally tells you exactly what, where, and how to make changes.

Now let’s take a look at some limitations.

What Yoast Can’t Do (Hint: A WordPress SEO Expert Can)
What’s great about Yoast is its user-friendliness. Let’s see what you can’t do with Yoast.

● Set more than one target keyword.
● Make adjustments to the site’s WordPress theme or web design, which affects user experience, site speed, and other technical issues.
● Adjust or remove excess code from the back-end of a web page.
● Adjust certain features of on-page SEO; you can adjust the page for keyword density, but not the structure or other elements.

In addition to these limitations, Yoast cannot perform keyword research, develop a link strategy, or adjust any of the other technical features of SEO. Basically, the problem with Yoast and most other SEO plugins is that they’re more or less only useful for optimizing content.

Therefore, the only way to truly optimize a WordPress site completely to improve search engine rankings is with the help of expert WordPress SEO services.

Hire the Experts for WordPress SEO Services
A high-quality plugin like Yoast can help you improve your SEO efforts, but SEO consultants are required to make wise changes. The plugin just helps with the execution.

WordPress SEO experts (like those at Genius eCommerce – GeniusEcommerce.com) will audit your website, conduct keyword research, and develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. Then they will systematically optimize your website for on-page and local SEO, according to SEO best practices. They will rectify technical issues, develop a link strategy, and create a content strategy to improve your organic standings and drive organic traffic for long-term growth.

Get in touch with their experts via the link above to start crafting a custom SEO package that meets the unique needs of your business.

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