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Is Your Laptop Over-Heating?


What do you do if your laptop’s fan is constantly running?

A little like vacuum cleaners all machines work. They take in air from one side and expel it from the other. They don’t have filter bags to catch all of the dust and pieces we expose them to, unfortunately. If you don’t clean the dust off your desk, the performance will suffer. Overheating, slowing down, and periodic shutting down are all possible signs of too much dust inside the laptop or any system.

If your laptop becomes overheated and is operating at maximum capacity, it may attempt to decrease its performance to remain cool. You could find yourself spending a lot of time refreshing the Internet, waiting for your pages to load, and staring at that dreaded rainbow-colored spinning wheel. If you don’t want to waste time, clean the keyboard every other week and the fans at least once a month on your notebook. Every six months, Ubreakifix suggests a deep cleaning. Once a quarter is recommended for power users. Here’s where our free diagnosis gets in handy.

How To Clean A Laptop – How Do I Keep My Laptop From Overheating?

The fans and heat sinks within your notebook become well coated after just a few months of exposure to dust. The heat sinks become completely clogged, preventing your laptop from properly cooling down. All of that extra heat will harm your hardware. The fans on your laptop may now run at full speed, draining the battery. Your laptop’s performance may be reduced to keep cool.

Another issue we often see at Ubreakifix is that as the temperature rises, the thermal paste between the heat sink and the CPU hardens. If your laptop has been overheating, the heat sink may be solidly attached to the CPU, making removal difficult. Our cleaning procedure involves removing old thermal paste from the CPU and heat sink and replacing it with new thermal paste, ideally one that is best suited for heat transfer. Best Laptops In 2021

How to Prevent Laptop Overheating and Dust

  • Keep notebooks away from windows and doors.
  • Do not leave your notebook on the ground.
  • Keep dust off of your laptop’s floor, desk, counters, and cabinets.
  • Don’t let your notebook get too close to you while you’re smoking.
  • Purchase an air filter.
  • Keep your cat or dog away from your laptop.
  • You should open a laptop repair store. your laptop to be cleaned
  • Use your laptop on hard surfaces, unlike your bed comforter, to avoid blocking the fan. If necessary, place something heavy beneath the table, such as a book or a tray. 
  • You should also buy a cooling pad for your notebook.


More Ways to Prevent Laptop Overheating & Dust Issues

Another excellent way to avoid overheating is to make sure the rubber feet on the bottom of the notebook are in excellent shape. Unfortunately, they are generally only glued to the plastic and can easily fall off. They’re simple to replace and can be used as spare parts for almost all laptops.

While using your laptop, eating Cheetos and drink sticky drinks on your laptop might decrease the life of your device. When you press on the keys, they can become clogged and stick. Not only does this slow down your average words per minute, but it also increases the likelihood of hardware failure and the accumulation of germs. The dust, particles, and crumbs that get stuck in hard-to-reach spots within your keyboard will be removed by our cleaning procedure.

Finally, if you clean your laptop regularly and keep its internal components in good working order, you’ll almost certainly extend its life. Furthermore, regular cleaning will save your money on repairs and upgrades, and you won’t need a new laptop as quickly as you think.


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