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iTop VPN Review: Is it Really Worth the Hype?


If you’re looking for a VPN for Windows that offers a generous data cap, iTop fits the budget. Best known as a Free VPN provider, iTop VPN free plan gives you 700 MB of data per day, and a choice of 16 server locations around the world.

Paying for a subscription, of course, removes the data restriction and gives you access to 100+ locations and 1800+ gaming and streaming-optimized servers.

As standard, you’ll get plenty of bonus features including ad tracking, malware blocking, browser history cleaning, split tunneling, and a “security reinforce tool” that checks your privacy settings and let you know if there are any loopholes.

iTop VPN Pricing

Looking at the pricing section, we’re amazed at how managed the pricing is in terms of sales. Although the VPN’s monthly package starts at $11.99 (not the cheapest we’ve seen), there are plenty of options you can appoint to reduce the price.

For example, paying 6-months upfront cuts the cost to $6.99/month. Opt for its annual plan and you’ll get an extra year of service, giving you 13 months of service for just $2.31/month.

Comparing this price with the rest of the competition, it looks like a real bargain.

And lastly, you’ll also get a 15-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the service and want a complete refund.


The main reason why you’re using a VPN in the first place is privacy. iTop VPN uses the industry-standard Open VPN and WireGuard, along with its own custom scheme. The package uses an open-source service called WinDivert to direct traffic through a tunnel, encrypting it to offer a more secure connection.

They also have a zero-logging policy, which is great considering these logs are then used by third-party services. However, they do collect some information like browser type, device ID, operating system, clickstream data, which is mentioned on their privacy policy page.


No one want’s to deal with sluggish VPN, and great performance often comes with a great price. That’s certainly not the case with iTop VPN as it offers generous performance at most of their data center.

Starting from premium servers, in the UK region, we got a pretty standard speed of 180-190 Mbps. That’s more than enough to enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix or stream your gameplay online.

The USA data centers further perks up the delivery by offering more than 350 Mbps. The company also claims to support BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services on their premium servers (mostly located in the USA and UK).


iTop VPN offers plenty of compatibility features that can be enjoyed across all devices. Starting from the basics, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the service on up to 5 devices. The desktop app is very minimalistic and comes with plenty of dedicated features like Downloading, streaming, social, and gaming.

Furthermore, you can also find iTop VPN apps on Android and iOS. The smartphone apps are also done very simply, but you do get some fair cut of features in this department.

Final Verdict

With tons of extra features and optimal performance, iTop VPN surely ranks as the best free VPN service one can enjoy. There are some flaws in the privacy section, but if you’re using this VPN for non-critical tasks then you’re good to go.