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What does the IUI treatment Cost In India?


(Intrauterine Insemination) In short, {IUI} is a scientific procedure to treat infertility. This is the latest and effective way. It starts with cleansed sperm set down into the female reproductive system to fertilize one or more eggs. IUI treatment cost in India depends upon various factors like your chosen city, clinic, including doctor’s profile and experience. Suppose, if we choose any IVF clinic in Jaipur, it will cost you around (12000Rs-15000Rs), and if you decide, Mumbai (15000Rs-20000Rs) will be a charge. So choose according to your nearest best available option.

However, the process starts with reaching sperm into the female’s fallopian tube and start fertilizing to form an embryo. But many couples face infertility issues. For that, IUI is beneficial, and if you have any infertility medicines, you can do it along with your regular cycle.

Why Choose IUI Treatment?

When a couple tries to become fertile and pregnant, there are so many various factors, including partners capacity, but in some cases where couples need to get artificial reproductive treatments with IUI are-

Donor sperm– In some cases where women need donor sperm to get fertilized and get pregnant. These sperms are frozen in a curated atmosphere and came from certified laboratories & properly liquefied before starting this treatment procedure.

Mild male factor infertility – This factor is a crucial part of fertility. Sometimes there are abnormalities in male sperm. For that, there are tests done before treatment to know the quality, shape & size of the sperm, factors like the slow movement of sperm. IUI can make a person defeat some of these issues because considering the process, all the non-useful or dead sperms will eject out during the process, and only the best quality will go with the further treatment.

Unexplained infertility– In this kind of case where sudden infertility appears without any organ problem in any couple, the best first preferred is IUI with ovulation-related medicines. 

Endometriosis-related infertility– This endometriosis-related infertility is treated with the help of medicines to get the highest quality egg while doing IUI treatment is preferred along with it.

Ovulatory factor infertility- In some women’s, doctors have found that they have problems with their ovulation because of lesser eggs than required or non-appearance of ovulation.

Semen allergy– It’s an uncommon allergy that happens in sperm during ejaculation inside the vagina, makes it swell, or redness may occur. It can be prevent with the help of a condom. For this kind of case, IUI is the most chosen and effective way to conceive.

IUI Treatment cost in India?

Usually, the standard cost of IUI treatment is between (12000Rs – 17000Rs) depending upon the city you’re choosing for treatment in India & the doctor’s profile and hospital. Because it’s not an easy task to do and sometimes one cycle of therapy is not enough to get results, in that such cases cost gets higher because of more than one cycle required to become successfully pregnant, doctors have seen that so many couples need three cycles of treatment to get fruitful pregnancy, so before treatment have accountability of having one or more cycles amount prepared before going for treatment. Include all the costs and expenses of traveling and staying for the treatment duration if you’re going to another city for IUI treatment.

Comparison between IVF vs. IUI Cost-

In comparison to IVF, doctors prescribe lesser medication in IUI.

  • While IUI cost is around (10000Rs-17000Rs)
  • Other hand, IVF costs around (1lakh- 3lakh)

IUI is very much lesser in cost than IVF, but it is also least effective than IVF, but because it’s cheap, people take more than 2-3 chances of IUI treatment after appearing past result in infertility.

While considering success rate for IUI is around 8-15% in women aged between 35 or more & another side the IVF success rate is about 40-45% and can be achieved more with high efforts.

How to choose IUI Clinic-

When choosing for treatment person puts everything for health.

Don’t just look at the expense of the procedure in deciding where you will get treatment. It is also essential to checkout for the fertility equipment, facilities, and infrastructure. In addition, you must be comfortable with your physician. IUI has a rate of success of 16 to 20 percent. It is crucial to remember that the success rate can vary depending on the particular case based on the nature of the patients’ age and the cause of infertility.