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Jellyfish – A site to help you in selecting the best toy for your child


Kids’ toys provide education while fulfilling the entertainment thing by enhancing analytical behaviour and stimulating creativity. The world needs to know how playing with a toy helps in the development of the physical and mental health of a child that is mandatory for his/her growth. There are several toys that every parent should buy for their child i.e.,

● Puzzles
● Dolls
● Stuffed toys
● Art Supplies (Paint, paper, glue, paint, etc)
● Blocks
● Balls (of different sizes and weights)
● Cars or any vehicle (help in learning cause and effect)
● Musical instruments
● Role-playing toys and many more.

Many of the parents get confused while choosing the best toys for their child. So, they end up buying toys that are non-relevant to the kid’s learning according to his/her age, and this thing creates a major gap in the mental or physical growth of the kid, and parents also lose their enormous amount of money. So, below given are some tips to buy toys for your child.

1. Select toys that can be used in a mixture of ways. (Nesting or interlocking blocks and ups)
2. Select toys that grow with your child. (Dollhouses, dump trucks, stuffed toys)
3. Select toys that motivate problem-solving skill and research skills. (Puzzle, shape sorters)
4. Select toys that trigger your kid’s imagination. (Kitchen kids, Dollhouse)
5. Select toys that help your child to be active. (Balls, wheeled scooter, tricycle)
6. Select toys that involve cross-generation play. (Games that need the involvement of their parents, such as board games)

JellyFish offers a wide range of eco-friendly toys for the growth and protection of your children, such as Cars and Trains, Arts and Crafts, Kitchens and Dollhouses, Musical instruments, Puzzles, Wooden and stuffed toys, and many more and is one option in its catalogue with other options like Clothing, Swimwear, Children’s room, Eat and Drink, Accessories, Children’s Beauty, Brands, Crates and Storage boxes to be gifted as a birthday gift on your child’s birthday or with no special occasion.

JellyFish is also ready for your special orders on your kid’s special occasion, such as a birthday gift on your kid’s birthday or a toy for a school play, and any other conceptual toy that is not available in our catalogue list. In today’s toxic world, we focus on providing you with high-quality kids’ toys at a reasonable price in Cyprus. We have collaborated with companies that are environmentally friendly with their manufacturing practices, thus keeping your child safe from toxic materials.