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Jellyfishkids – An eco-friendly stop for your children’s growth


Toys are mainly designated for use by children and are invented to be used in play. Playing with toys can be a gratifying medium for training children for life in the community. There are several materials used to make toys such as wood, plastic, clay, and paper. There are various types of wooden toyssuch as.

● Chatter Telephone.
● Bird of happiness.
● Akabeko.
● Cup and ball.
● Dreidel.
● Froebel gifts.
● Jumping Jack.
● Jigsaw puzzle.
● Kapla.
● Hobby horse, and many more.

There are several benefits of wooden toys,

1. Builds Social interaction.
2. More durable and last-longing.
3. Environmentally safe.
4. Educational qualities.
5. Increases concentration power and many more.

The most important and useful fact is actually touching a wooden thing calm down the kid, which means if you buy a wooden toy for your kid it can cause a positive neurological impact on your kids’ brain.

One more option for your child is Kids Kitchen. The kids’ kitchen is much more than plastic fruits, vegetables, oven, and other utensils. According to a survey, Kids Kitchen is the most popular children’s toy ever. There are various benefits to buy a Kids Kitchen set for your child i.e.,

1. Motivates the responsibility for belongings.
2. Moulds essential managerial talent.
3. Promotes Teamwork.
4. Develop counting skills.
5. Problem-solving skills.
6. Illustrates the significance of sharing.
7. Social development and many more.

According to the above-given information, the fact is clear that buying a toy for your children plays a major role in his/her growth. Jellyfishkids understands your need for your kid’s growth with his/her entertainment and offers the largest variety of high-quality outdoor toys in Cyprus without hurting the environment by using organic living products that use non-toxic paints, varnishes, eco-friendly plastic, and bamboo fibre. There are some other benefits to shop with us, such as Free gift wrapping, Hassle-free returns, International shipping with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Catalogue of Jellyfishkids includes a variety of products for your child i.e.,

● Clothing
● Swimwear
● Children’s room
● Play
● Eat and Drink
● Accessories
● Children’s beauty
● Scooters and Ride ONS
● Brands
● Crates and storage boxes
● Sale (for various offers)

We are working hard to become the actual king of toys in Cyprus with our eco-friendly and recycled material toys for your children since 2018. We are available 24/7 for your special orders of Little Dutch, Kids Concept or Kid Kraft. Just call us on the contact numbers mentioned on Jellyfishkids and we will be glad to help you in making the best choices for your children.