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Jewellery: Because flowers wither away


“I have all the jewellery I need”,- said no one. Having the right jewellery to go with an outfit is like the icing on a delicious cake. Jewellery manufacturing is in an advanced stage currently, so much so that any customisation is possible. It is now possible to recreate any piece that one dreams of giving to the spouse.

A good piece of jewellery is like a work of art. It is a rarity, and everybody wants it. Certain elements become souvenirs because of the memories attached to them. They would have been a vital part of some of the high points of life. Take the wedding rings or a grandmother’s earring, for example.

So the question is whether or not jewellery can be more alluring than it already is? Yes, customised jewellery is the next level that aesthetes aim to own.

Customisation: Why is it unique?

For the Industry:

It is the apparent future of any industry, not just jewellery. Without the option of personalisation, businesses lose the magic of being able to relate to the users on a personal level. If a product or a service does not resonate with the public individually, they will shift to products that will.

For the buyers:

Giving someone a one-of-a-kind piece that they designed means more than any store-bought gift. To give a unique pendant designed by the lover is more meaningful in so many ways. It will be more than a thing but an item laden with memories and meaning.

It is wearable Art:

When someone knows that the gift that someone gave them was inspired by the ideas of the giver, they will assign more value to it.

All gifts are valuable. But if there is a personal involvement by the gifter, it makes the receiver happier. This reason supports the excitement behind receiving video collages and hand-made greeting cards. It is all about going that extra mile for a special someone. Jewellery may be ordinary, but giving unique designs makes the gift stand apart.

Custom-made jewellery is a creation of the designer and other creators. The designers, in these cases, work closely with their customers to make sure they arrive at the design that the buyer wants. This process determines the success of the whole endeavour.

Unique craftsmanship and involved artists are what make jewellery manufacturing special. From the cutting of the gemstones to arranging them in the desired fashion, quality investment is essential. Anything hand-made has this unrivalled allure because of the effort and time that goes behind creating each piece.


  • Customised jewellery means freedom for choice of design.
  • There is no fixed design. It will evolve over the process, and one can combine different inspirations.
  • Consider this. Many times, one sees a design that captures their heart. But they are not able to lay their hands on the product. In such a case, customization is the way to go. One can get their hands on a replica of their favourite design.
  • If one finds the perfect design for the ring, they wish to offer their fiance, then getting it made using jewellery casting may be a wise choice.
  • The whole process of engaging in the creation of something is rewarding.

Some people are already familiar with the concept of lost wax casting. It is called so because of the wax pattern that later becomes the mould for the jewellery. And it is eventually lost. Molten metal, when poured into this piece, gives the finished design.

Who does not prefer the freedom of endless possibilities? Be it design or colour; there is no limit. One can replicate a design of their choice, exactly as they want.