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Jupiter Transit 2021 – Impact On Aries Moon Sign


Jupiter Transit 2021 for Aries:

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter or Guru is considered the most auspicious and benevolent planet among the Navagraha. Hence, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and hence its impact on our life is often positive.
Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, and it will transit into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It is regarded as the House to bring gains and expansion, and being a fixed planet, the gains given by Jupiter may also be enduring. During this Jupiter transit 2021, people would be able to manage their time well and become more vigilant in their actions. This Jupiter transit favors innovation, new technologies, and scientific research. It also helps people to interact with others and expand their social circle.

Jupiter in the 11th House or Labha Sthana:

For Aries Moon sign people, Aquarius is the 11th House. This is their Labha Sthana or House of gains. Hence, the effect of this Jupiter transit will be mostly favorable for Aries natives. From the 11th House, Jupiter will cast its 5th aspect on Aries’ 3rd House, its 7th aspect on the 5th House, and its 9th aspect on the 7th House. Due to the positive influence of Jupiter or Guru, your wishes would come true during this transit period. There shall be a good progress in your relationships with colleagues, in-laws, siblings, and others. The bonds with your mother, children, and other relatives would also improve during this time. You can go on pleasant outings and picnics with your loved ones. You are likely to spend quality time and money on entertainment.

On the other hand, you may have to deal with more workload. This could add to your stress and also lead to some sleep disorders. Regular walk and meditation can offer relief from such issues. You may also suffer from digestive problems. Take a balanced and nutritious diet. Eat your food on time and do not to skip meals to stay fit.


For lovers, this Jupiter transit will give good news. If you are planning to express your feelings to your beloved, then this is the right time. The intimacy between couples shall become intense now. For those who are married, the marital relationship would be harmonious. You could even spoil your spouse with gifts like designer clothes and jewelry.

Money flow

Financial condition shall soar during this Jupiter transit. Expenses will be under control, and this could help improve your finances and prosperity. Those who are involved in foreign trades can get chances to boost their income. The same could be the case with those who are involved in speculative trades like stocks and shares. Their finances can also augment during this transit.


There are chances for a job promotion for those who are employed; however, it may come with more workload. Income would increase. Your superiors would appreciate your hard work. You would have to take on some new responsibilities at your workplace. If you are looking for a job change, this transit shall give you some good opportunities.


For those who are in joint ventures or partnership businesses, profits shall increase. If you are involved in trading vegetables and fruits, you can witness good progress in your work. Grocery or provisions business can also prosper during this transit. But, there could be stiff competition in your business. However, you will be able to overcome such issues. If you are into media, medical, or engineering fields, there are chances to boost your income. Those who are employed in other fields shall get new trade opportunities. You would be recognized for your efforts, and you will exert confidence in work and complete your tasks on time.


Students would have moderate progress. If they want to succeed in academics, they would have to work harder. For those who are studying abroad, success will come to them. Postgraduate students would perform well and succeed in their actions. Students seeking a job may find one with a good salary package. Those who want to fly abroad for higher studies would succeed.

Jupiter Transit Remedies

• Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays
• Donate clothes to Gurus and teachers
• Keep a small elephant statue in the living room