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KeaBabies: The Journey behind Its Success

Journey behind Its Success

Having a baby means you will inevitably have to struggle with a few things before you get adjusted to your role as a parent. Because not only do you have to accustom your life to the baby’s needs, but you also need to ensure that they are getting the best care under your influence.

Similarly, husband-wife duo Jane Neo and Ivan Ong had to deal with the same situation once their baby arrived in 2017. However, being new parents became even more difficult for them as they had to experience another pregnancy shortly after the first one. Additionally, Ivan had to be bedridden for a few months due to an unfortunate accident, causing Jane to carry out most of the tasks of a new parent on her own.

She then realized just how essential it was for a support system to exist that can help make this experience more enjoyable and less taxing than it should be. She started seeking help from parent communities who had inspired her and helped her figure out the reasons behind her struggles. She found out that she needed to take care of herself because only then would she effectively provide her kids with what they needed to be happy.

Moreover, there were also other issues that she came across in her new parenting journey, one of which was struggling to find the ideal baby products for her baby’s needs. With the proliferation of baby care businesses in the market today, it has become a challenge for parents to find baby products that are of good quality, gentle and safe for babies, and affordably priced. Jane believed that being a parent was already overwhelming enough because the couple had to sort through so much change that they were experiencing in their roles as parents. And having to spend hours on finding good quality baby products that did not burn a hole in their pocket became a hassle for them.

Consequently, the challenges that Jane and Ivan had to go through encouraged them to come up with a way to diminish these issues and create a better experience for new parents worldwide. Providing the baby care industry with a solution to avail high-quality and affordable baby products became the mindset that led them to establish their company, KeaBabies.

KeaBabies became a baby and maternity lifestyle brand that debuted in 2017. Jane focused on product research, testing, and design, where she took insights from parenting communities. She went through many consumer parent reviews, figuring out what couples needed most for baby care and how their product might meet their needs. Another thing that Jane and Ivan focused on was ensuring that they earned the trust of their customers from day one. Hence, they started placing a lot of emphasis on customer service, which became available 24/7, including a one-year warranty on their products.

The main focus of KeaBabies is to provide modern parents with the ideal products and resources they need to create better relationships with their kids – building up a strong foundation that will allow their children to reach their full potential at a young age.