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Keeping the Content on Your Site Fresh


Content is an important part of your digital marketing strategy, but small businesses often don’t have the funds to have a full-time content creator on their staff. So, how can you keep your content fresh and relevant, and keep your site visible to search engines? Here are some tips to help make your content strategy easy to execute.

Hire content specialists

Content writing is much harder than it sounds. It’s not something that just anyone can do. That’s why it’s worth considering working with a digital marketing agency in Thailand, as they’ll be experts in creating content strategies and executing them. You can either use an agency to create your strategy, and then work to it each month, or keep them on retainer to sort out your content needs. While this is an ongoing expense, it’s cheaper than hiring a copywriter full-time.

Create seasonal content

Different seasons can create opportunities for seasonal content that’s fresh and relevant. Some times when your content may need an upgrade include:

  • Christmas
  • Halloween and autumn
  • Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days
  • The summer months
  • Occasions such as Valentine’s Day and other celebrations

No matter what product or service you’re offering, it’s likely that you can create seasonal content around it that can help promote your business and get people interested in your brand.

Create a blog

One of the easiest ways to update your content regularly and keep your website active and visible to search engines is to start a blog. There are lots of blog writing services out there that can take care of this task for you, or you can get into a habit of writing blogs yourself. However, you do need to plan your content, write it, and upload it, which can be an annoying task if you are busy running your own business. That’s why it can be better to outsource things, as all this is done for you.

Know what content is legally required

Content needs to be accurate, not just because it looks professional, but it can sometimes be a legal requirement. For example, if you’re writing product descriptions, you may need to include critical product information that can help people make an informed choice. This is especially important if you’re dealing with food or medicines, where people may have allergies. Also, if you’re selling certain products, you may need to be careful about the claims you make or what you state in your descriptions.

Content is the key to good digital marketing, but it’s not easy to ensure you have the right content on your site. Also, if you’re not naturally someone who enjoys writing content, you may find it a frustrating task to have to update it regularly. That’s why it’s worth considering having either a dedicated team member to carry out digital marketing, even if it’s part-time, or to work with a digital marketing agency who take care of everything. The right content can elevate your site, make it look more professional, and potentially help you get more customers.