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Key Skills Needed to Become a Construction Worker

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Being a construction worker is a highly rewarding and fruitful career. Although I could describe all of the benefits that come along with working in the construction industry, that is not what this article is about. This article will discuss the key skills that you need to become a construction worker and get to enjoy all of these benefits.

Health and Safety Skills

One of the most important things you will need to enter the industry is health and safety skills. Without this, you won’t find yourself getting any jobs because you could put yourself and others in danger. How do you get these skills? Well, by taking the CITB SMSTS examinations. The Site Management Safety Training Scheme is a requirement to be able to obtain your CSCS card, and the CSCS card is essential to be able to work on most construction sites in the UK. It is ‘safe to say that this should be one of your primary focuses when planning out the steps in becoming a construction worker.



The other important thing you will need is education. To get the CSCS card there are some minimum educational requirements. They are usually low level because the majority of the skills are learnt on site. You could say it’s an experience heavy industry. One way to get into the industry, as a quick route before you progress is taking a labourer course. These are fairly affordable and will involve you taking some examinations, but mainly demonstrating your skills on site.

You can progress your career by learning site supervision and site management down the road. These positions are fairly straightforward to get into, you will need experience and qualifications to be accepted.



The third thing you will need is resilience and determination. Construction workers work for long hours on multiple months or year-long projects. This means that you must be able to wait out a project and not be impatient. You have also got to be resilient because you must be able to overcome hurdles in your career. There is likely to be setbacks on a project, or the weather means that some construction tasks cannot be completed. However, you must be able to power through and finish the project with flying colours.

Those who want a project to be finished quickly, or easily get bored, would not find this career choice particularly thrilling.



Strength and Fitness

Many labour-type construction jobs require you to have a great deal of strength to lift heavy construction equipment and materials. Furthermore, you will be on your feet all day long which means that you must be fit enough to do this. Those who are not strong, frail, or get tired easily would not have the required attributes to be involved in this career. A lack of strength could lead to significant injuries, either for yourself or for your colleagues around you.

Of course, there are other jobs in the construction industry that allow you to work at a desk, such as an engineer or designer. This may be better and more suitable for those who do not have a great deal of strength.