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Key Things to Know Before Hiring Angular/Angularjs Developers

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There are many popular Javascript frameworks that are widely used by many organizations. The popularity of the Angular framework keeps growing with the number of supreme solutions. If you want a single page web app to make a connection between the target audience and brand then you have to hire Angular Developers. They will create an attractive as well as a user-friendly web application platform.

# What is Angular?

Angular is a front-end web development framework used by developers to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications. Angular enables developers to create apps that include the use of Typescript, Dart, JavaScript, along with CSS and HTML. In the year 2010, Google develops Angular and also maintained the framework. AngularJS is the first version of Angular and is responsible to create dynamic single-page applications. You should hire dedicated angularJS developer if you want a single-page web application that attracts your target audience.

# Things to keep in mind while hiring Angular Developers

If you are looking to hire an Angular developer then you must keep certain things in mind. Sometimes, it’s quite challenging to find the right developer having all the required skills. Thus, things to keep in mind while hiring Angular Developers are mentioned below:

  1. Good understanding of Core JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Always look for a candidate who has a good knowledge of the JavaScript framework, its core, HTML, and CSS. It’s also essential that he should understand the concepts of UX as well as the position of the elements.

  1. Knowledge of the Angular Framework

It is very important for developers to keep update themselves because the Angular framework keeps on updating after a fixed time period. Additionally, he must be familiar with Git Able, translate wireframes to front-end codes, and RxJS as these are new versions.

  1. Excellent TypeScript Command

Angular Developers should have an excellent knowledge of TypeScript. Angular is in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript (JS), underwrites strong typing as well as has some bugs.

  1. Skill with RESTful API

A developer should be proficient with Restful API interactions. It involves HTTP requests to POST, GET, DELETE, and data. So, always hire an Angular developer who can do well with REST API’s with the ability to read the API documentation and apply it professionally.

  1. Communication skills

Communication skills are very important because miscommunication can lead to various problems. Hence, maintaining communication between the developer and yourself is very important.

# Final Words:

Apart from the skills mentioned above, you should also look for problem-solving and organizing skills in the Angular Developers. Programming is all about understanding the problems. So, always identify or hire Angular Developers with the right knowledge who will be able to answer your questions proficiently.